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06-27-2004, 18:13
I stopped by the ranger station today to get my annual parking pass for Cibola Forest. The ranger noticed my license plate was a veteran plate and asked me if I had my "civil service eligibility letter"? I replied that I did not and he said I could get one from the VA and if I brought it back to the ranger station they could issue me a free, lifetime Golden Passport for entrance onto federal lands such as National Forests, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, or US Fish and Wildlife Service areas. Is anyone familiar with this letter? Has anyone taken advantage of this offer?

06-28-2004, 13:05
Never mind. Just got this response from the VA...

Thank you for your inquiry. A VA Civil Service Preference Letter is only mailed to veterans who have been rated service connected (S/C) disabled. Our records indicate that you are not rated S/C disabled or have never applied for an S/C disability.

If you would like to speak with a VA Representative regarding this issue, or if you have any other questions please call our toll free telephone number of 1-800-827-1000.

Again, we appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

J. Stone-Barash,
Veterans Service Center Manager (ra)