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07-04-2004, 21:54
I don't know if I'm in the right forum or not, but it looked like a place to start.

I am looking for a spotting scope. No, I am not giong to buy a Swarofski, Kahles, Ziess. I need a relatively inexpensive ($200-$300) scope to knock around at the range.

My question is... what are some magnification #'s that are a minimum for 100 to 200 yd range. I see the X-y by 50 or 60 numbers and don't understand in practical terms what these mean for range work. Can someone explain these to me and recommend a reasonable scope.

You guys are my "Consumer Reports" for all things firearms, looking forward to the replies...

Thanks all


07-05-2004, 19:59
I have a Burris Landmark 15X-45X-60mm. The numbers 15-45 are the magnification power (object will appear 15-45 times closer). Using the higher power will narrow the field of view also. 60mm is the objective or size of the front lense (bigger objectives will gather more light with brighter images and allow you to see better in weak light).

I bought this one because it has a metal body,fully coated optics,long eye relief (helpful when wearing glasses)and cost around $130. It is useful out to probably 300yrds when trying to see bullet holes for me. I've noticed it does have problems dealing with mirage at 300+ yrds. It does the job for me and I don't worry too much about dropping it,forgetting it or somebody wanting to steal it. Any of the less exspensive Simmons or Tascos would probably be OK out to 200 yrds. Generally,like scopes,quality glass costs money.

07-08-2004, 02:52
I had purchased a winchester spotting scope from Big5 sporting goods. Cost me $100. Has a Hard Carry case and includes a tripod. Perfect for going to the range.