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07-06-2004, 11:51
I'm looking for a semi-mobile antanae to mount on my camper trailer. Mag mounts won't work because the body is aluminum. I was thinking about using the ladder as the mast. I should be able to clamp to that fairly easy. Basically, it needs to be not overly unweildly and it should be easy to take up and down. I am gonna use it with this little cheesy Radio Shack HTX-10. Any suggestions?

07-06-2004, 22:48
I would just make myself a dipole.

Use your ladder or whatever is convienent for your centermast. Cut each leg of the diploe to length and put on the insulators. Then tie on string or rope or whatever and just string them to most accessable object. If necessary you could even buy a couple of 10 foot pieces of plastic pipe for your end poles.

If your radio has a tuner you don't need to worry much about the length of each leg. If you don't have a tuner you will have to trim each leg to the freq. you most use. Generally the thicker the wire you use, the flater the SWR will be, up and down the band. Old pieces of co-ax work GREAT for the legs.

This may all be basic stuff to you. If so I'm sorry. If I can help you with any other information just ask. Be glad to help.

Hope this helps,

sensei KK5RAY

07-07-2004, 12:18
Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think a dipole is gonna work for me in this situation. The ladder is at the rear of the trailer (fifth wheel type) and if I mount a dipole there both legs would have to come towards the front of the trailer and there wouldn't be much angle between them. That and the fact that they would be running parallel to an aluminum roof leads me to think that this wouldn't work to well.

I suppose I could come out perpendicular to the length of the trailer, but then I wouldn't have anything to tie off to (except my neighbors). I can only imagine what would happen if one of them decided to pull out in the middle of the night! If I did that, I guess it would have to be a rigid dipole.

I'm really thinking of something along the lines of a fiberglass whip. As long as I don't go under any low bridges I could leave it installed while I traveled. I wouldn't be able to do that with a dipole. My little HTX-10 doesn't have a tuner built in so something that can be re-tuned easily would be nice.

I know I won't set any DX records with this type of setup, but this is my base station away from my base station so I'm not looking for "perfect" just "functional".

07-07-2004, 12:32
I did a google search for "RV ham antennas" and came up with this site. A dipole suited for an RV.

07-07-2004, 14:32
Try here:


07-07-2004, 14:49
Originally posted by sensei
Try here:
Heck! I'd buy one of those just so I could tell people I have a Texas Bug Catcher!