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07-12-2004, 12:42
There will be an exam session for FCC Amateur Radio Licenses (all classes)
at WPI on Thursday, July 15th.

Date: Thursday July 15th, 2004
Time: 6:30pm
Place: Kaven Hall - Room 116, WPI, Worcester, MA
Bring: $12 exam fee, two IDs (at least one photo), pen/pencil, basic

If you are upgrading an existing license, bring the ORIGINAL and a COPY of
any paperwork you are submitting (your existing license, any CSCEs, any
proof of license for grandfather purposes, etc.).

*** NOTE: The General Class Question Pool changed on July 1, 2004. This
exam session will use questions from the new pool. ***

08-04-2004, 01:41
Had quite a few turn out for that one didn't we? I forget the exact number, but had 1 instant extra, 1 instant general, couple of techs and a couple of upgrades.


08-04-2004, 12:17
Yes we did Kurt

I never knew you hung out on GT. Welcome to the forum.