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07-19-2004, 15:12
For switching to these newer better constructed cases they are mailing their worthless software in. I have recieved several DVD style cases from them, and the latest one being a nice fiberboard type clamshell case.

These cases come in handy. Thank you, keep up the good work.

07-19-2004, 15:15
i collect the tin cans one, and i've seen some that appear to be made out of wood. the dvd case ones are kind of neat.

07-19-2004, 15:36
Yep I just throw the CD out and keep the cases.

07-19-2004, 16:52
i have about a dozen of the different metal cases. i carry cd's with my laptop in them.

i gave AOL my mailing address, just to get them.

seems like lately, all they send are the plastic dvd cases though.

07-19-2004, 21:52
I'm kinda partial to their dvd style cases. It saves me from actually having to buy cases for my burned dvds.

Its The Truth
07-20-2004, 16:50
Yep those Cd's make good targets. I can grab 50 at a time, if I need them. Keep up the good work.

Its also fun to shoot one with birdshot, send it back and tell them, I must have got a bad one. Hee hee. :cool:

07-20-2004, 18:49
They must hate me now, I haven't recieved any in over a year.
Oh well, I must still have fifty to shoot. :) ;c