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07-21-2004, 15:48
Help! I am about to purchase my first notebook computer and need some input. I do not play games but use office applications, surf the net, and like to watch DVD movies. It just so happens I am a staff member at a large university that does offer either Dell or Apple with complete customer service right here at work. Ok, everyone tells me that I need at least 512 megs of Ram and a multi drive so I can burn CD/DVD's. Between Dell and Apple which unit and configeration would you buy?

07-21-2004, 16:26
Given a limitless supply of money, I'd opt for a loaded 17" Powerbook. It's really the gaming market that drives top-end performance, so any modern notebook will be sufficiently powerful for you to do what you want. After that, it becomes a question of aesthetic preference. In the land of reality, for what you describe, I'd go for a 15" Powerbook or iBook...12" if I was going for ultra-portability.

Tennessee Slim
07-21-2004, 19:45
Apples typically are excellent hardware throughout but the OS is, ...well, Macintosh. I happen to like OSX because itís UNIX, but thatís me. If you go Apple, be aware of limited 3rd party software options.

07-21-2004, 21:35
if you aren't familar with the mac operating system, i would suggest you get a Dell.

G. Gunman
07-21-2004, 21:43
I researched this topic for almost a year before I bought my new notebook. Everything said and done it finally came down to Gateway or IBM. I bought the Gateway 450ROG. After 8 months (and one return trip to the factory) I'm very satisfied. Gateway does have the best tech support in the industry. The IBM's are the most trouble-free, but tend to lag behind in features. Good luck! :cool:

(By the way, the industry average for notebook failures during the first 12 months of operation is 50%, so choose carefully.)

07-21-2004, 21:47
OS-X meets the requirements of the original poster: web surfing (Safari), office applications (Microsoft Office), and CD/DVD burning (iDVD).

Plus you get *nix with thousands of BSD/PPC apps that compile under OS-X (not to mention the wealth of Apple propriatery software) with an interface that's far superior to anything X11 could spit out.

Yes, you get more apps with a WIntel system, but really...anything that you want to do on Windows can be done on OS-X, without having the constant barrage of viruses and security-patch headaches. It's definitely a matter of preference though.

07-21-2004, 23:52
I switched from Mac to PC a few years ago, then sold my Dell 8100 for a tablet PC because it had the pro version of XP and I hoped it would be more stable. Went through 3 Viewsonics and 2 Toshiba tablet PC's and last August I switched back to Mac.

I now have a 1Ghz G4 12" Powerbook with DVD-R and am thrilled with it. I don't regret it, although I do wish it had a PC card slot. Otherwise it is perfect.

Go for the Mac - a 12" 15" or 17" should be a good purchase, depending on what you can afford. a 1Ghz G4 ibook might be good for a budget, but the powerbook can run two monitors with diff desktops, is a little quicker, and has the USB2 and DVI video out... The built in bluetooth and 802.11g wifi are good to have too.

07-22-2004, 02:55
Check out the notebooks that Alienware offers. If I were to buy one, it'd be from Alienware.

T. Harless
07-22-2004, 12:21
I've nothing but good things to say about my 15" Apple Powerbook. Working at home I use an external keyboard and mouse and a Griffin I-Curve stand. Makes a kicking desktop as well. It's hogwash what the Windows folk say about the lack of software.


07-22-2004, 14:44
Go with the Dell. If you time it right, you can maximize the deals that they have. I have an inspirton 1100 and it is awesome. I play games, DVDs, do work , have given presentations, etc, etc with it. Apples are good too, but there just isnt the software at a competitive price for it.

07-22-2004, 16:49
If it's any consolation, and although above I recommended apple, my Dell 8100 with XP home was more stable than my Winbook or any my tablet PC's.

My wife has a Dell 4100 I bought for her, and with Win 2K pro it is very stable and snappy, even for a 700mhz Celeron or P3.

I still think Mac Powerbook is the way to go.

07-22-2004, 19:21
I've been considering buying a notebook for sometime. I was leaning towards a Dell, but ABS for a performance or IBM for something small have also entered my mind. I don't know anything about Apple, but the people at techtv seem to love them. Heres a website I found very helpful in notebook research:

Good luck, Max :) ;c

07-22-2004, 19:32
I bought a HP zd7000 about eight months ago, great system.

Given the choice (and someone else's money) I would have gotten the 17" Powerbook (Apple).

Now that Apple uses BSD (Unix), there's no reason to by WinTel.

T. Harless
07-22-2004, 23:34
Everything Apple is pricey, I'll have to give you that. I just dropped 5K on a G5 desktop and display. I got to play with a 12" Powerbook last weekend. That would be a very cool road warrior machine. Then with an external monitor at home. Who need a desktop machine? Todd

07-24-2004, 17:26
I'm switching to an Apple notebook when I'm ready to upgrade in a year or so.