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07-29-2004, 19:57
I have some Ripped DVD's on DVD-R's. I wish to dump them to my hard drive so I can play them without using the DVD drive. The Reason is I am going on a long plane trip and playing from the HDD takes less battery.

Anyway, how can I compress them to a smaller size and be able to play them from the HDD? These are already De-Crypted DVD's.


07-29-2004, 20:02
For smaller size, you would need to transcode them into a format such as DivX. That can be a lengthy compression process, though it's possible to squeeze it down to a few hundred megabytes while maintaining decent quality.

If you have a pretty large HD, the simpler option would be to create images of the discs on your HD and mount them as a virtual drive. You can also just copy the contents of the DVD (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) into a directory and play it back with some player software.