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07-31-2004, 20:59
I am tring to locate my grandfathers army records. my grand mother does not have any clue what she has done with them over the years. i wanted to trace my families military history with as much info as i can find i have all my records and my dad's records but i can't find any info about my granddad.he served in WW2 and was in the army is all i know. he died when my dad was young so he knows nothing about units or deployments or anything all we know is he served in WW2 and was an E-6. how or where do you begin to find this information?


07-31-2004, 21:35
You can try starting here. Some helpful information to get you started.

08-02-2004, 12:19
If you can't find anything with those links write your congressional representative, list name rank Serial number, units, ETC. They will go through the Personnel Records Center in St. Louis where all Mil. Records are stored. Should be able to get you some info.
good Luck

08-03-2004, 19:48
thanks for the info guys unfortunitly i hit a brick wall it seems there was a fire in st louis that destroied the records that was stored there. this is a terible tribute to all who served and have no family to tell their stories.hopefully some of my aunts or uncles can remember about their dad and anything about his service.