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08-02-2004, 15:51
Im interested in connecting my home computer to my work computer over the internet!I have windows xp dslbellsouth at work and comcast cable modem at home.

08-02-2004, 21:13
have you heard about "PC Anywhere"? i know that's what people used to use a long time ago.

08-02-2004, 22:28
If you have XP Professional at work and have adequate permissions, you can access it via remote desktop. Look it up in help.

08-02-2004, 22:53

VNC is more like PC-Anyware (except it is free) then Windows Remote Desktop or Term Services.

With PC-Anyware or VNC it is just like you are stting in front of the remote machine.

Remote desktop (XP) or Term services (2000) is kinda like you are there. With Remote Desktop or Term Services you are unable to add or remove hardware with-out a reboot of the machine. Your remote server will not see the new hardware unless you reboot the remote server.

In my situation that is a big consideration, however I doubt for the avg user it will be that big of a deal.

IMO Remote desktop is a little faster then VNC/PC-Anyware, however I cant use Remote Desktop because of the work I do.

Hope that helps

08-02-2004, 23:26
Are you behind a firewall at work?

Your firewall will have to be configured to allow either PCAnywhere or VNC through.

If you don't have admin rights then you probably wont be able to do it.

08-03-2004, 07:12
Thanks guys
Im not very computer literate but i looked up remote administrator and will try that first.Then i looked up arcives for the vnc and will try that next.Not sure if i have a firewall but i know i have a router at home my computer is wireless to the router.At work its hard wired dsl.Thanks for your help again.