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Road Weazel
08-02-2004, 22:11
Any thoughts?
I was looking to re-enlist in the Army or Air Force Reserves but my discharge code will not allow me to enter either of these. It's nothing horrible, the Army and I just didn't really agree with each other the first time around.
The National Guard says they will take me. I like the idea of serving although I'm not sure about the Guard. I keep getting visions of me getting called up to go fill sandbags 'cause some hillbilly won't move away from the river that floods his shack every year.
Any Guardsmen out there care to share their experience?

08-05-2004, 05:53
More likely you'll be playing security gaurd at an airport in Afganistan or filling sandbags for some villager in South America. The Gaurd doesn't just stay in country. Allot times they get deployed more than us regular Joes.

08-05-2004, 15:39
I know guys in the guard who are looking at there 3 mobilization in 5 years, thats pretty rough.

I would wait for things to calm down a bit maybe the Active army will build up a little bit to take some of the stress off of the guard units.

08-05-2004, 21:32
I'm talking to them as well. I had 8 yrs active in USMC and now looking to get back into the team.

I would really like to be combat arms/cav scout or armor. But that guarantees deployment often until the world calms down.

Forget the hillbilly image, I think thats just something active duty does to you. I felt the same way about the reserves until I got to know some. They train their ass off too.

The unit closest to my house is armor and they are preparing to leave for the sandbox now.

I say do it!

08-08-2004, 15:01
jwalk2515 and everyone else-

Real quick, I spent almost 7 years active duty in the Marine Corps.
I left active duty in 1992, and did no reserve time.

Sept. 11, 2001 changed things for me, and I felt that I had one more overseas tour in me.

Try as I might, the Marine prior service recruiter would not return my calls.

The Mass. National Guard did return my calls. The choice was easy.

So, I spent the better part of 2003 as a SGT in the MA NG assigned to the 18th Airborne Corps for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. I was in Bagram, Skinh and Orgun-E.

The thing I am proudest of in my life is my children. The second thing I am proudest of is being a Marine NCO. Third would be my service during OEF, with the MA NG.

I have since left the Guard, but often think about returning. The unit I previously served with is deploying to Iraq, as we speak. As previously stated, the role of the reserves/guard has changed drastically in the last few years. The days of enlisting to pay for college and just having one ruined weekend a month are gone.

There are some fine people in the Guard. Yes, there are some people who I would not urinate on even if they were on fire. But the good ones make it worth the sacrifice.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is my expierance. Your mileage may vary.
Itís hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long.

08-08-2004, 15:18
unclestevie45, you and I sound a lot alike. The Marine recruiters seem to not care. The National Guard recruiter has been responsive to my questions and is checking out several different schools that I am interested in. I could carry my USMC MOS straight over but have no desire to do so(2515 - Wireman and switching). I had a 133 GT, she told me just pick what I want to do.

I like the idea of armor but the local unit is leaving shortly and I would not be able to complete school before they leave and could end up infantry if school gets cancelled.

I am looking at maybe becoming part of a helo crew. The recruiter said they have deployed more often than a lot of the ground guys but typically for much shorter periods.

How did you convince wife/kids that it was right thing to do?

Where were you in the corps? I got out as Sgt in 96.
I was:
HQ 3/12
9th Comm Bn
HQ 1st Marines

Semper Fi

08-08-2004, 15:53
"How did you convince wife/kids that it was right thing to do?" you ask.

I didn't. I hid the fact that I was deploying from my wife for 3 months. She got angry over this.

My OEF service has cost me my marriage. The kids are proud of me, the woman who will soon be my EX wife is not proud of me. She took it as a personal insult to her that I went there.

The first time in 14 years of marriage that I don't ask her permission, and she decides the marriage is over.

I remain convinced that going to Asscrackistan was the right thing to do. Given the oppurtunity, I would do it again. Like I said, I am seriously considering another overseas deployment.

The one thing stopping me is that me leaving was VERY hard on my youngest daughter. She was 6 when I left, and me being gone was hardest on her. I had alot of guilt over that. My other daughter was 9, and my son was 12. They were better able to deal with it. But the baby missed me and was unable to communicate her feelings.

I am considering going to a CID unit that doesn't deploy as much and when they do, they are only gone for 2 or 3 months at a time.

I don't want to put Rebecca thru that again. That is why my seabag is no longer packed.
Itís hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your ass out all day long.

08-08-2004, 20:42
Thanks for serving but sorry it cost you your marriage.

I have been talking to Army Reserve recruiters for some time. I tried the National Guard route but there are no positions available in our state for my specialty. I was active duty AF for nearly 8 years. I feel driven to go to the sandbox and help GIs cope with the trauma of war. I have no idea if I will be able to receive a commission in the Reserve however. I have submitted my application and my physical is quickly approaching. The recruiter tells me a commission won't be a problem...I hope he is right.

As for the issue of going into the Reserve, my wife is against it. I told her that this is not about her...this is about a greater good. I really get sick at the thought of being separated from her however I feel so driven to be back in uniform and contribute it is nearly overwhelming. I have no doubts I would be deployed if I receive the commission. My specialty is trauma and they are in need of treatment providers in this area. My wife knows this is the case. After really spending some quality time discussing this with her and helping her to understand the reasons I feel compelled to sign up, she seems OK with my decision. I know she is holding most of her feelings back however.

I think if all goes well and I end up receiving the commission and going to the sandbox she will be incredibly upset but she understands this is war, troops are needed to win, and I have the skills to make a healthy contribution. I hope she is able to maintain this perspective. I hope too I am able to make it in.

Road Weazel
08-08-2004, 23:16
I took care of some personal BS this weekend and should do a face to face with the recruiter this week. They say that they can do a waiver on my age if I'm over the limit (Prior service, but I'm 37 now) and I should be able to pass their PT and weight requirements (I'm not too worried about being a 37 year old Private, but it'll be a little weird). They need people in my MOS which is 52D, power generation equipment repair. I'd like to get retrained as a machinist or small arms/arty repair tech but I'm not sure how my employer would like me leaving for 3 months to get trained. If I were deployed they would certainly look on it differently. The only downside with my employer is that If I'm gone more than 30 days then I lose my health plan and have to go on COBRA. Aside from that my employer seems to be real supportive of their Reserves and Guardsmen.
My girlfriend is not-so-secretly hoping that I can't get in for this reason or that. She says she'll support me in whatever decision I make. We discussed this about 2 years ago and I told her what I wanted to do. She's cool with it because she knows this means a lot to me but she's scared, too.
I guess they have a 'Try One' program where I can enlist for only a year to see if I like it, or I can go for three and there may be a signing bonus. Not sure which way to go.
Thanx for all the input, I really appreciate it.

08-08-2004, 23:56
Az Air National Guard (

One of the guy's at work flies with the refueling outfit from
Sky Harbor - usually a short hop of 2 days every now and then .

Nothing permanent.

Another fellow is in the Az Army Nationl Guard - been posted at DMAFB in Tucson for over a year.......

Road Weazel
08-09-2004, 06:40
Army Nat'l Guard or stay a civilian due to my discharge code. I'll double check with the Air Nat'l Guard to make sure.
My first choice was AF Reserve 'cause they got better chow ;)
Thanx again to everyone.

08-10-2004, 18:02
Road Weazle:
PM sent

Road Weazel
08-14-2004, 16:26
I spoke with a recruiter in their online chat room, a nice guy named Brian. I can't join with my current discharge (General, under honerable) but he suggested doing the Army's 'Try One' program. Joining the Army Nat'l Guard for a year and recieving an Honerable discharge would make me eligible for the Air Nat'l Guard. Hell, who knows... I may like camo enough to not even look at changing over to blue ^8
I'm going to leave work early one day next week and go talk to the guys and take their various tests. The 'Try One' program sounds like a better deal than a 3 year right now. It's been 17 years that I've been out. I think even completing one year would be 'A job well done' for me.
As far as deployment, I'm not worried about it. If I'm sent, I'm sent. I will have to worry about my company's health care program (which I'll lose if I'm gone more than 30 days) when I get back. The issue with the health care does pose a challange with changing MOS. I'd like to do something different than 52D (generator repair), but that's a different thread for a different time. I think I'll do my one year and if I re-up after that I'll look at changing MOS then.

08-14-2004, 18:13
Road Weazel,
You are on Uncle Sam's medical plan if deployed...right? You wouldn't need your company's medical plan until you got back and go back to work. You don't have any preexisting conditions with changing plans either way. Your dependants (if you have any) would move to Tricare (the military's medical insurance plan) and then back to your company's policy when you get back. Talk to your recruiter about this.

I recently read there is legislation before congress to make the change from civilian to military and back to civilian medical plans seamless and less complicated. I hope it passes.

Road Weazel
08-14-2004, 18:44
It is just myself, no dep's. I will have to double-check with our HR gal. We have 'open enrollment' once a year and it's coming next week. If I'm deployed for more than 30 days and up to 5 years I am still an employee but I have to switch over to COBRA. If I'm active then I am covered by Uncle Sam until I return. I'm not sure if I can re-enroll upon return or if I would have to wait until the next time it came around again.
I am not worried about having to switch coverage if I were being deployed for a reason (sandbox duty, whatever...). It does make me lean toward NOT changing my MOS and going thru 13 weeks of training for that. I'm not sure that it's worth the hassle.

08-14-2004, 21:09
Mobilization /Demobilization Guide (
Check this guide out. Might be helpful.

08-16-2004, 18:28
I spent 21 years in the Navy so I know how hard it is for some to see eye to eye with the O gangers.
My brother in law has been in the guard for 5 years he is an ex Marine (I mean FORMER)that had a hard time staying out of the brig. He is at this time active in Iraq.....this is the first time he has been called up.
Just remember that you don't get something for nothing and a guard unit does not run as smoothley as the reg Army.

08-19-2004, 17:08
Originally posted by Road Weazel
I took care of some personal BS this weekend and should do a face to face with the recruiter this week. I guess they have a 'Try One' program where I can enlist for only a year to see if I like it, or I can go for three and there may be a signing bonus. Not sure which way to go.
Thanx for all the input, I really appreciate it.

Well I am scheduled to take the ASVAB & medical on the 30th. My wife and i have talked about it for several weeks and she bought off on the whole deal. I am looking at Small Arms Repairer and will be assigned to the 949th in Ft Worth.

I am going to do the try-1 enlistment as well. My Marine MOS carries over, so I could get the enlistment bonus up front. However I opted to get a new MOS and probably re-up after a year and get the bonus then.

08-29-2004, 12:28
I am currently in the National Guard. I also was active duty USMC. I don't think you have to worry to much about filling sandbags (at least for a flood, I've done it once and it was for a fighting postion in Iraq). My unit has been to Bosnia and Iraq both within the last 3 years and I'm returning to Iraq in a few months with a different Guard unit. My mos is 31b which is combat MP (convoy security, msr patrols, cordoyn and search, and raids). Just my experiences, either way you go good luck.