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08-05-2004, 21:02
My Memorex 52 X 24 X 52 CD burner won't burn CD's. It will read anything. When I try to write, it doesn't recognize that a CD is inside. What should I do? This computer has now been rebuilt since this burner was installed. However, it had the same problem on the old version. It used to work, I don't know what changed.

I need to back-up my hard drive. It's been a while and I'm getting nervous.

Thanks guys,

08-05-2004, 23:30
Uh? What burner software are you using?

08-06-2004, 03:23
Oops. :) I'm using Nero. It came with the burner.

08-06-2004, 05:55
My Memorex 48x16x48 CD-RW burned out after less than 50 CD-R's

Pieces of ****

08-06-2004, 05:57
Originally posted by chevrofreak
My Memorex 48x16x48 CD-RW burned out after less than 50 CD-R's

Pieces of ****

I have an identical pair of I/O Magic 48x16x48 CD-RW's that are sitting collecting dust since I bought a DVD burner. If you're interested in buying one, let me know.

Also have an external USB2.0 enclosure that one of them came in if you'd want that too.

08-06-2004, 06:03
Actually, I was wrong about the Memorex being a 48x16x48, it was a 52x24x52 like yours.

08-07-2004, 16:20
The CDRW drive in my old box continually rendered the msg "drive not ready" and it could neither write nor sometimes even read the media, despite repeat attempts w/different CDRs/RWs. (Was out of town and had no access to all my usual piles of manuals and HW info which was at home.) Process of elimination problem hunting suggestions started w/check cable connections and ended up w/possiblity of IDE controller either 'bad' or 'going bad'.

Here's where I got some info:
Conferences -> Hardware (archive)

Topic #196
"CDRW dead in the water?"
Jun-26-04, 03:27 AM (EDT)

With absolutely NO precipitating event whatsoever, my "Lite On LTR 1210B" CDRW 12x10x32 "Burn Proof" (firmware revision LS39, MS driver 4/23/99 on ancient win98se machine) is giving me nothing but "drive not ready" errors. I've tried all the usual suspect moves, to no avail. ... it did come w/"Adaptec CD Wizard ver 3.01d S24" writing software, as well as Direct CD and Easy CD Creator ver 4, so I'm thinking it's an "Adaptec" piece of HW and that does sound familiar....

REPLIES: ... [other than problems w/the sw] Only other thing I can think of is a hardware problem, like when a cable is working it's way out of the slot, or put in wrong after a move or cleaning.
Can you access the drive through my computer just to see it? I mean, put a loaded CD in there just to read. If that is normal, then your wiring should be fine. ...

... I'd be looking for loose connectors, or maybe a BIOs hickie, but that would be kinda rare. (The box has obviously moved, so a cable doing a wee dance is not unusual.)...

Addtl thread:
Conferences Networking Solutions Topic #33
"BIG mess: help and Valium required"
Jul-03-04, 04:34 AM (EDT)

4. Shortly before I got on the plane, the CDRW began being unable to "find itself" ("Drive not ready..........") I was only able to get a couple of backup CDRs written, here in Kali, before the entire CDRWritability seems to have died...

Problem B: CDRW won't get "ready" any more, and yes, I noted in post from a couple of days ago, it runs with Adaptect CD Coaster Maker programs (Direct CD & Create A CD). I don't have any of my reference material, but from looking at system entries and such, it appears the drive is Liteon CDRW_LTR-12101B_________L Gen CD, SCSI\Lit-on_LTR-1210B_ Prod ID Ltr12101B rev. Level LS39 (drive letter) user assignment KK. ...

As I gather from someone else's CDRW-hosed thread, reasons for ony/offy CDRW functionality would be (a) dirty lense/innerds; (b) dirty/unreadable/surface-ruined media; or (c) failing IDE controller.

Any possible connection between a failing IDE controller and anything else that's going wrong?

and from other thread:
Try running your UDF driver and then attempt to read the CDs.

Since the box has since had a lot of change-outs/upgrades, we never did end up having to 'solve' the problem of the misbehaving CDRW drive so I still don't know whether it was a failing drive or IDE controller/motherboard failure. But the above might give you some ideas re places/things to take a look at.

08-07-2004, 21:44
I had a Micro Advantage 52/24/52 CD-RW drive that quit writing, then it decided not to read most disks anymore, so I RMA'd it.

I had a replacement drive (this one is a 52/32/52!) back in less than three weeks (thanks guys!) and it is flawless.

If you have uninstalled Nero and the problem persists, your drive has had it. Replace it and all will be well.

BTW, Sony, Lite-On and Pioneer, in that order, have worked best for me and seem to be the least error-prone drives currently available.

Best regards,


08-08-2004, 14:58
Thanks guys. I'm now in the market for a new CD burner. I'll probably buy one within the week.

I'll write again to give you an update. It will be very nice to backup the hard drive. I'll keep those CD's in the safe.

BTW, should I buy a DVD burner? I don't watch DVD's on the computer. I'm just curious. I know that DVD is much more efficient than a normal CD.

08-08-2004, 15:05
I've been using a CD-RW, DVD-ROM, and DVD-RW drives from Lite-On, no problems with any of these.
I've also had good luck with SONY drives.

check out newegg to buy parts online.

08-08-2004, 15:09
Originally posted by WERA49
BTW, should I buy a DVD burner? I don't watch DVD's on the computer. I'm just curious. I know that DVD is much more efficient than a normal CD. [/B]

I'de say go for the DVD burner.
The DVD will hold around 5x the data that a CD will.
Also, you will still be able to burn CD-R and CD-RW with a DVD-RW.
(just my $.02)

08-08-2004, 15:58
I'de say go for the DVD burner.
Saber41, thanks for the advice. I checked the sales ads in todays newspaper. DVD burner aren't that much more expensive than regular CD burners.

My computer should be able to handle that. It is a Pentium 4, 2GHz. I'll write back in the near future. :)

08-08-2004, 16:59
I bought a Mad Dog Dominator 6 in 1 dual DVD burner from office Max a while back, and it comes out to $50 after rebate. Its a rebadged NEC ND-2500a which is a kickass drive. It burns CD's ar 32x, but It will burn just as fast as all of the 48x drives I have previously used.

With an updated firmware it allows me to burn Prodisc 4x DVD-R's at 8x, and I have yet to have a single bad disc or burn.

Great discs, really!

08-09-2004, 08:39
I just bought this from Newegg. I really like that company. I've dealt with them in the past.

08-09-2004, 08:52
You should find out if that drive can burn the 4x Prodiscs at 8x