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08-07-2004, 14:34
I have a Gateway computer from the year 2000 which is running Windows 98SE. It came with 3 USB1 ports, as was typical those times. I'm using two of them.

Now I want to get a new scanner that only has USB2.0 or USB1.1 connections.

I can buy a USB2.0 I/O card for $23 or $25 (2 or 4 port).

My question is will my Win98SE so-called plug and play recognize the 2.0 USB card? If it does, will my existing USB1 ports still function as well? Do the cards come with driver software for the older machines like mine? What is the difference between USB1.0 and 1.1?

Have any of you done this?


08-07-2004, 15:48
My first thought is that since the card is likely to be far newer than any release of Win98, you will probably need to install drivers that come w/the device, irrespective of which mfg the device is made by.

I did a little looking.... you might take a look at these:
(pertains to USB and DOS but has some great info)
Name: possum
Date: June 06, 2003 at 16:30:42 Pacific
Subject: USB2.0 fatal error (original post title)

The setup program that came with the device will install the drivers in the right place. You need to run setup without the USB device being connected, shut down the computer, connect the device, reboot. Windows will detect the device and install the drivers.

But, from that I would glean that a USB 2.0 device and its OEM drivers 'should' be installable under Win98x, but then again, see the next portion:
Name: Simon Robinson
Date: July 04, 2003 at 07:03:46 Pacific
Subject: Win98 USB 2.0 PCI card problem
OS: Win 98
CPU/Ram: P166/64MB

Got an old P166 machine, trying to install a USB 2.0 PCI card. It freezes towards the end of the Add New Hardware wizard, or if you cancel it, while it's trying to sort out the other elements of the card. Any ideas?

Reply: Please check your USB2.0 PCI card documentation for System Requirements. Most USB PCI cards I have installed, required, if using Intel CPUs, Pentium 266MHz or higher. .
Also Check your BIOS setup about USB preferences.

If you are using W98 First Edition it may give problems, most manufacturers recommend W98 Second Edition
Check out
(in answer to HW not being detected properly under orig Win98)
Date: July 26, 2000 at 20:12:31
Subject: URGENT: Hardware not being detected. WHY?

Well it is, the unknown device are your undetected probably need the drivers for the missing can tell they are there but needs the drivers to really tell what they are.

Here's one that looks like it's kind of on target, albeit concerning a CDRW that uses USB 2.0:
Subject: USB2.0 on Win98FE - Can it be done?
Date: February 16, 2003 at 08:39:48 Pacific
OS: 98FE
CPU/Ram: 800mhz/384mb

have an opportunity to purchase an external UNIVERSAL BUSLINK 52x MAX CD-RW DRIVE fairly cheap but it uses USB 2.0.
Is it possible to use it with Win98FE?


Hi Bryco,
Check out the link below. It shows it will work with Win98.

Buslink Cdrw (

It will work with WIN 98SE but if your computer has USB 1.1, the speed will be USB 1.1 speed, not USB 2.0 speed.

I added a USB 2.0 PCI card to my brother-in-law's 7 year old computer which runs WIN 98SE last weekend; so you could add a USB 2.0 PCI card if you have a free slot.

REPLY: For future reference here is a great link on USB.

USB Man ( )

Here is a link on the site about USB 2.0 and Windows 98.
USB 2.0( )

I just got back from Staples.
Naturally this one is an Internal device so my query on USB2 on Win98FE is moot but for $19.94 it will work just fine on my machine. ...

Hope something above helps some.

08-07-2004, 18:20
Folks, I'm overwhelmed by your generous replies! You've given me a lot of reading to do. I'll get on it first thing in the morning.

Thanks again . . .

08-07-2004, 20:56
Is the speed difference on a USB 2.0 noticable compared to USB 1.1?
Explain, please, what would happen if, let's say, a printer was hooked up to USB 2.0 compared to it being on 1.1?
One other question, would the USB 2.0 react pretty much like memory where your system is configured for 100mhz but you installed 133mhz memory, you'll only get 100mhz out of it?
Inquiring minds want to know.

08-07-2004, 21:14
The speed increase is vast. USB 2.0 comes in even higher, at 480MB/s, than FireWire 1394's 400MB/s speeds!

But with XP, the USB will only run at 1.1 until you update XP to SP1a, and THEN it will run at 2.0.

Weird. I don't know if the Win98 drivers will be dependable, or if there will be issues with Windows trying to default to 1.1's 12MB/s speed levels.

Try it and see, is all I can say!

Good luck,