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08-10-2004, 01:29
Yesterday at work, Jim and I were talking when he saw Joe.
Now Joe just had prostate surgery and Jim's wife is sales
rep for Pfiser, the makers of Viagra. Jim, always being one
to make a fast buck, decided to try and sell some Viagra
samples he had "borrowed" from his wife.

"Hey Joe" he called.

"What's up Jim?" Joe answered as he came over to talk to us.

"I've got some Viagra want to buy some for $15 a pill?"

"No, not worth it!"

"OK, how about $10 dollars a pill?"

"No, not worth it!"

"OK, $5?"

"No, not worth it!"

"How about $2?"

"No, not worth it!"

"Listen, these pills cost $10 each. How can you say they
are not worth it?"

"Oh, the pills ARE worth it. My wife is not worth it."

Medpilot 2
08-10-2004, 03:32
;z ;z ;z

In times like that, I would have to turn to Rosie or Jill.