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08-10-2004, 01:31
A man and his wife were trying to have a baby, but after several months
they still had no success. The man decided to go to the doctor to see
what the problem was.

The doctor told him, "Maybe you have a low sperm count.
I'll need to run a few tests, so take this cup. I'll need
a semen sample."

The man took the cup, went to the restroom, and handled
his business. Afterward, a lady walked into the office to
find out if her baby (still in her womb) was healthy. She started
talking to the doctor about how excited she was to be having her first
child. While she was chatting, the man walked out of the restroom with
his sample but saw the doctor with the lady, so he put the cup down on a
table and started pacing back and fourth.

The doctor noticed this and told the lady, "I'll have your
test results in a moment. Please have a seat while I finish with this
patient. We have coffee and donuts along with some magazines on the
table over there."

The lady sat down, and the man walked over to the doctor and started
talking about how he and his wife trying to conceive.

While the man and the doctor were talking, the lady
interrupted and asked, "Excuse me, but the donuts are dry,
and I don't drink coffee. Do you have any more milk to go
with them."

The doctor says, "Milk? We never had any milk here."