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08-12-2004, 11:28
I have an IBM Thinkpad A21m. It told me I was out of space(?). I was doodling through stuff to delete. Up came a pie chart-looking thing. It said something about making usable space or maybe I read it wrong. I just pushed "OK". I saw the word "hibernate" just before it went psycho. Now all it does is cycle on and off rather rapidly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to shoot it, but I'm tempted. I'm a reasonably intelligent guy, but, my computer experience is pretty limited. I may not be able to get back to this board soon, so email might be a lot faster. I'll respond with thanks and/or results as quickly as I can. Thanks in advance, Robert.;g ;g ;g

08-12-2004, 11:37
sounds to me like you ran out of swap space. windows does crazy things when it can't get enough swap. i generally set my swap to a hard max and min of 2x my physical ram.

as for the antics you are seeing now, sorry, i have no idea. try calling ibm support.

08-12-2004, 14:54
are you sure the battery is working? is the computer plugged into the wall outlet? sounds like it's going into some power saving mode.

08-12-2004, 15:19
It's plugged in, batt good. I did get to a black and white version of my screen saver. It says the computer is in "safe mode", whatever the hell THAT is, and won't open Windows or let me online. Still stymied!!

08-14-2004, 18:15
You might have a HUGE index.dat file, too.
If you have 98x, shut down, power back up, periodically press F8 key to enter the boot menu, choose "command prompt" boot option (I think it's number 4), so that you end up at c:\>
then do type the following and do the following:
c:\>cd c:\windows\history
RESULT: c:\windows\history
TYPE dir [immediately after c:\windows\history]
what's the size of the index.dat file?
If it's more than about 32,xxx, it need deleted. To do so type:
del index.dat [immediately after the word "history" the "c:\windows\history" display on the screen]
Afterward the prompt should revert to the full patho of the History subdirectory w/o and index.dat file.

Do the same thing for c:\windows\cookies and
c:\windows\tempor~1\content.ie5 (or whatever the sub-sub-subdirectory for the browser's temporary file subdirectory is)

That is to say, while still in 'real DOS', moving from the history subdir to the next subdir from which to delete index.dat, the command line should look like c:\>cd c:\windows\cookies to get to the cookies subdirectory to delete index.dat, and then
c:\>cd c:\windows\tempor~1\ to change to that subdirectory,
then do the dir command after the \tempor~1\ part to see if your browser version actually puts the temporary internet files IN \tempor~1\content.ie5
If it does, repeat the del index.dat procedure w/in the \content.ie5 subdirectory.
just delete everything in the brower's temporary subdirectory using deltree *.* command, and then chose N to NOT delete desktop.ini, but Y to delete all other subdirectory contents.

Also, using file explorer (vs. Internet explorer), look at the directory tree for C:\temp - if there's any files in there, delete anything that's more than a wk old. There shouldn't BE any .tmp or other files in there, but sometimes sw installs do it anyway.

Then look for any .tmp files in c:\windows\temp and delete anything that's more than a week old.

A lot of sw will create tmp directories that are no longer needed once the install is complete, but sloppyware often doesn't go back and delete those .tmp files and they can take up a lot of space over time.

If you have some flavor of XP, er..... there's ways to delete index.dat (don't work, Winblows w/recreate it, along w/any browser temp directories it wants) but I don't have them committed to memory yet and XP does a real good job of hiding things within itself (still grinding my teeth on XP)

Index.dat is kind of like a bloated roadmap containing every cookie, every URL, etc. that the system has ever had or been to - and it can take up a LOT of space, especially on a portable machine.

Remember also that "delete" is not the same thing as "uninstall". Take a look at your Recycle bin - everything you've manually "deleted" is still there on the HD, just moved to "Recycle". Empty Recycle bin (or delete from it selectively using file explorer) of all items you're sure you'll NOT ever need back - or move them to removable media if in doubt (floppy, CDR).

Depending upon your Winblows OS, try Start button-> Programs-> Accessories-> System Tools
and see if tools like 'system cleanup' 'defrag' and such might help also.

There's some other things we could do, but they totally depend upon which OS you are using. I've sent an email to the addy in your post.

PS. How to deal w/a swap file issue, as suggested above as potentially the problem or part of the problem, depends upon which OS you're using.

08-14-2004, 18:28
The 'out of space' error msg - did you happen to write it down? I ask because there's different kinds of "space" - actual physical hard drive "space" (IOW, if you have a ten pounds of feathers trying to fit into a 5 lbs bag, stp), and 'virtual space' stp - which is where the swap file comes in to play.

If the error relates to the latter and not the former, you may have too many things running at once. Depending upon which Win OS, cntrl-alt-del/task manager may NOT show all running processes, etc. (XP seems to, as it's taskman is multi-tabbed, but 98x, for example, does NOT.)

In the sticky at the top of the TT board are several posts w/links to utilities which will actually spit out a list of everything that runs at start up (start up listers) and everything which is running at any time (process viewers). It might be helpful to know what processes are running as a regular matter, and what you have loading at startup.

There's also a plain text file called "bootlog.txt" which can show in text form the entire sequence of what is booting up when you boot/reboot/power up. It will contain notations of anything that DOESN'T boot properly, and can be a helpful diagnostic tool on occasion.

Also, if you have 98x, try Start -> Run -> [type the word] asd
(this is the Automatic Skip Driver). It should pop open a GUI window which will show you any devices that are having trouble booting and thus, in order for Winblows to continue it's book sequence, are being 'skipped'. This can also hold a clue or two from time to time.

08-14-2004, 18:32
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08-14-2004, 18:35
No suggestions but I like the title of your thread.

08-21-2004, 08:54
MB-G26, You've given me a LOT to weed through. I've been gone a week, but now I have a job for the weekend. I greatly appreciate the help. I hope I can use it. My computer related experience is pretty limited, but, I'll give it a hell of a try. Thanks!;g ;g ;g

09-05-2004, 17:54
Well, kids, nothing has helped yet! It's STILL turning itself on and off. Any other ideas? I'm only home a couple days a week, so, it can take a bit for me to try your suggestions. This is becoming a real toothache!!;g ;g ;g