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08-14-2004, 20:10
Here is a question for any bike mechanics out there. I bought a set of led turn signals and after installing them, they light but do not flash. I am a heavy equipment mechanic by trade and the most I can make from this is that they must not pull enough amps to set off the flasher. I thought about going to radio shack for a lighter duty relay of some sort to see if that may cure the problem.

Any ideas?
thanks,Snipe;f ;c

HandyMan Hugh
08-14-2004, 22:09
Howdy Sniper: Your take on the problem is right on. There is not enough of a current draw through the L.E.D. lamps to activate a standard load-sensitive flasher. There are electronic turn signal flashers available at auto parts suppliers and truck stops that will be able to do the job. Good luck HH.

08-14-2004, 23:22
Thanks alot i'll giver' a try;f ;c

08-15-2004, 16:00
didnt seem to work,all the bulbs are coming on either dirrection that they are switched to and still dont blink,hmmmm... i just dont get it.

08-15-2004, 20:03
Screw it,I soldered in some amber and red 194 bulbs into the signal housings and called it quits. Turned out great,so much for LED lights.;f ;c

08-15-2004, 20:04

08-15-2004, 22:34
I like LED's. I just installed these last week.


09-05-2004, 00:17
There are two excellent simple options for obtaining the proper flash rate with LEDs. If there is one pair of incandescent signals (ie, you go LEDs in front, but leave the incandescent turn signals in back, or vice versa), all you need is the $8.00 Tridon EL-12 relay. If you go with LEDs all around, the Libertek adjustable solid state flasher relay is recommended.