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08-16-2004, 12:27
Allie has started licking away at these small red bumps on her skin at the base of her tail.These little bumps could be described as zit-like in appearance and obviously cause her discomfort.I know it will probably become a rash if she doesn't leave it alone,so I'm using anti itch ointment spray from the pet shop right now.
My question is what insect is this; Flees or Ticks? Maybe something else? They must bite her when she "drops off the kids",but I see no signs of inhabitation in her fur-I use flee soap on her,and appears to work,but something is biting her.:(

lethal tupperwa
08-16-2004, 13:31
Front line has worked very well for us.

One dog was really allergic to the flea bites, when we started using Frontline the problem went away.

08-16-2004, 14:32
Berto, sounds like Chigger bites from here. I would do a little searching on that term and see what comes up...
Benedryle will give her a little relief until you find out what's going on...

08-16-2004, 21:10
Does she like a bath?

If so, I saw a vet show once that said to take your pooch and soak him down real heavy with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Have pooch sit and let it penetrate for about ten minutes. It will break up the oils on the fleas "skin" and then kill the fleas. I assume it will work for other bugs too.

I did this on my dog as he was allergic to all flea products several times with great success. Of course, he liked taking a bath too so he loved it ;a

08-17-2004, 10:41
Thanks much for the info,folks.I will try the suggestions in addition to walking her someplace less bug infested than the area she likes to go presently.
Thanks again!!;c