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08-18-2004, 00:00
I'm not a very frequent writer, but i do have my moments. I'm gonna like having this forum around.

Anyway, by far the most fun thing i did was develop a character who was a badass holden caulfeild type personality who is an unemployed english major (who was so aware of his persona he catches himself about to call someone phony and smacks himself for it) with untreated post traumatic stress from a defensive shooting. Obviously a screwed up character, but 6 pages that earned me an A+ and a "do whatever the hell you want for the rest of the sememster" from my english 102 professor. It was a rough draft i wrote in 4 hours. ;f

Maybe if i develop it more i'll post it here. It's a crazy read filled with infinitive narration.

08-18-2004, 08:35
I remember Comp II one of the first lessons was a narrative instructing us to write as simplistically as possible. I flat out told the professor I could never do that. I ended up with an 18-page essay on alcoholism and homelessness that, like you, earned me the right to play in the sandbox for the remainder of my studies for that class.

Out of 11,000+ students attending Comp II that semester at the University, there were only two of us that had 100s for every project submission. Not trying to brag, just proud of the accomplishment since I quit school in seventh grade and figured I would fail college miserably.

Glad this forum is here, and I look forward to the relationships that are sure to be formed!

08-22-2004, 21:44
Can we post stories in this forum that we didn't write, but which we treasure? With full credit posted, of course?