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Londo Mollari
08-18-2004, 01:29
The heart that beats once in darkness
Knows frenetic life in light
The beckon of death seems far away
As the rising sun banishes night

The soft, sweet call of the sophoric
The lower keen of the knife
The wry, wry smile of the inturned gun
All offer to banish dark life

For the darkness it has black wings now
A panolpy stretching forever
Before it my spirit bows now
Though my flesh, but in death, will never

Tempted by promise of finity truncated
Beckoned by goading to grudging life
Summoned by promise of flesh sated
Ever by thought berated, enervated
Never an end to the strife

Lo! The blade dives, a pelican fishing
Questing for wriggling life
Drinking deep of the sanguine throat…

And this burning, ruddy liquid
Streams twixt my fingers, out to the air
Staining the world – what care have I?
I fall to my knees, and laugh, as a child
Whence felicity? I know not where…

But laughing turns to wheezing
And breath grows long, and pain`ed here
And as color fades, and objects shade
I am… no more, eyes greyed

To awaken … nevermore!

Or rather…

Olefaction brings us burning skin
Scent wafts us the stench of our fate
Hearing gives the state we’re in
Sight shows us pass the yawning gates

Mouth widens, but cannot scream.