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08-18-2004, 10:51
I am interested in knowing how many people here are published, how many are close to being published, how many don't really expect to be published....but like to write....

I belong to a writers group, and 90% of them will NEVER be published, because they write "for fun, and if they're discovered, Great".

At the other end of the scale is a lady with a 3 book deal for her romance novels.........

I'm interested in SERIOUS WRITERS.

I am interested in NON-Fiction.

I am interested in being a successful writer, sharing information with SERIOUS writers, and learning more "Tricks of the Trade".


Stephen A. Camp
08-18-2004, 12:38
Hello. I written and published 3 books on firearms and related topics. Unless you can be assured of a great number of sales to make up for the significantly smaller percentage of profit one gets through regular publishers.

After considerable study and digging out and trying how to actually do it, one can also do binding at home as well as trimming. It is work, but unless you're selling so many that you cannot keep up with it, the materials are not expensive and you get to reap more of the profits.

It's work. Writing can be difficult as can the actual printing and binding, but so far I've made a little money and am able to finance other projects as well as to buy a few guns. I could not make a living at it so far.

I wish everyone who tries success.


08-18-2004, 13:22

I have had several engineering books published, some short stories and two novels that went from hot off the press to the K-Mart discount table to out of print in about 27 minutes.;f

Consider, before a publisher can publish a work, they have to know it exists. I can think of no occasion where a manuscript in a tight sweater in a drug store at Hollywood and Vine was ever discovered. Writing for money is a business and once one has completed their next terrific, must-read tome it does little good to announce such via cosmic telepathy. In my experience, most people want to be authors and not writers.

There have been slightly more than a bazillion books and articles written regarding tricks of the trade. Subscribe to 'Writer's Digest.' ;a;a;a;a

Timber Wolf
08-18-2004, 16:30
Well, technically I am a published writer. I have had a couple of "Letters to the Editior" published in my college newspaper. But nothing that I've got paid for, YET!

And as tous said: most people want to be authors and not writers.

I heard this very comment just today or yeterday on the radio: People don't want to write, they want to have written.

08-18-2004, 17:06
I was paid to write a column in the Huntsville Times last year on my first attempt at writing. Sixty bucks an article once a month. It caught my co-workers by suprise when they opened their Sunday papers and there was my smiling face in the editorial section.

I have been told by several that I should write something else....maybe even a book.

But the cop job has to come first. I have a few ideas floating around but I have heard that getting published is difficult. Maybe when I retire, I'll sit down and try to hash something decent out. I have a neat idea for a cop based fiction novel but haven't put any time/effort into it.

Then again, maybe not. I never lacked for ideas and usually could sit down and twenty minutes later have my rough draft out. My only problem was sticking to my 800 word maximum. I would always have to cut them back from 1200 or so.

Miss Maggie
08-18-2004, 23:01
I have had some articles and short stories published. I come close on selling a novel once, but was rejected at the final board meeting. My biggest problem in getting published is that I prefer to spend what free time I have writing instead of submitting.

08-19-2004, 13:10
Thanks for your replies.

My reason for asking is to better understand WHO is interested in this subject.

I am currently a published author.

My book was published about 45 days ago, and I've realized $12,500 from sales as of yesterday.

Anyone in the Portland OR area who might want to attend a great writers convention might wnat to pm me.

Here is a great link for anyone considering writing a book on any subject;


08-22-2004, 21:54
manonmars: congrats on your success! ;c

08-23-2004, 10:33
Originally posted by scottauld
manonmars: congrats on your success! ;c


BUT I won't feel I "succeeded" until I can ad a 0 to the income.. :)

09-08-2004, 21:42
Originally posted by manonmars
I am currently a published author.

My book was published about 45 days ago, and I've realized $12,500 from sales as of yesterday.

That's fantastic! What is your title and publisher, so we all can enjoy your efforts? (And help drive those numbers up!)

10-03-2004, 21:42
5 bookes published, 1 novel, 2 Vol Stories, 2 poetry

10-29-2004, 15:15
What an interesting section of the forum!
I have three published articles (regarding the brain and brain inury sequalae), and a myriad of unpublished poetry.

I recently have been giving thought to other writing, still non-fictional, but discussing a completely different topic.

Congratulations, manonmars, regarding your recent publication (and many happy returns from it, too! :) )

11-02-2004, 17:51
Originally posted by GoGoGophers
That's fantastic! What is your title and publisher, so we all can enjoy your efforts? (And help drive those numbers up!)

Can you tell I've been away from this forum for a while????????????/

I published a book on Real Estate financing..how you are being overcharged, and how to keep it from happening again...and how to save on your existing loan.

Sounds like a boring topic, but if one is really interested, it is written well.............NOT boring.......:)

I offered it here on GT for $5 off retail price...sold 3!!!!!!

My publisher just now started a larger promotion....I hope it does well$$$$ ($15K income so far)

So I haven't retired to Tahiti yet (although I AM practicing drinking umbrella drinks) :)

11-29-2004, 22:02
I write for a living. Probably about 1,100 published so far, and about 5 or 6 more each week. Mostly news and features but 1 or 2 op-eds and columns a week also. Most articles tend to be in the 800-word neighborhood so I'm really not at all familiar with writing a book.

12-06-2004, 23:57
I am a professional writer ( I earn 100% of my income from it). I am a scriptwriter though as opposed to a novelist etc. My area of experitse is one hour crime shows-- CSI type stuff for television and feature film sreenplay doctoring. If anyone has any questions in this area I'd be happy to chime in with my .02

12-07-2004, 21:03
Originally posted by CaliTheKid
I am a professional writer ( I earn 100% of my income from it). I am a scriptwriter though as opposed to a novelist etc. My area of experitse is one hour crime shows-- CSI type stuff for television and feature film sreenplay doctoring. If anyone has any questions in this area I'd be happy to chime in with my .02

I started to PM you with this but then I thought somebody else might like to know the answer to my question too...

I have a close friend who has written several short stories. Fast moving crime dramas similiar to The Shield. She has enough to last a season, at least.

Each story deals with a different topic encounterd within the poice department. For example, one episode is the police placing too much faith in the informant, another is the results of an officer breaking under pressure, and so forth. Each story has several topics but they are woven around the main idea. The stories feature certain charachters with the addition of new charachters as needed.

How does she go about breaking into this? As short stories? Or does she need to turn them into scripts?

Are their any agencies, publishing houses, producers, etc that you would recommend sending these to?

Any other advice?

12-07-2004, 23:35
Few things to consider and I will shoot from the hip and not candy coat. Also, I can only speak to the possibilities in the television world as I really don't know much about the publishing world past having studios option books for me that I want to turn into scripts.

If she went the scripted route it is going to be a very difficult battle but here are some basics. First, location. Where is she located? If she is not in either Los Angeles or NYC it is going to be hard to get anyone to pay attention to her submissions (and even then it's hard). Speaking from experience, most producers (myself included) get dozens and sometimes hundreds of unsolicited submissions a year. We always throw them away unread. Not because we are cold hearted (well maybe a little lol )but because of liability. If the idea is close to something we already have in development, we run the risk of being sued for stealing an idea which takes me to the next point. Most producers (myself included) will request that any ideas/scripts be submitted through our agents. This way, there is a buffer between us and the material. The agent can read it first, and if its close to something we have he/she will not forward it to us. Truth is that unless the submission is from someone the agent knows or knows of, it goes unread and tossed. Harsh but true. In television in particular, ideas are useless without a "television approved" writer attached to it. Ultimately someone has to write it and the networks/studios will only hire writers that they know, like and trust. Reality ideas are a bit different since there is no writing the writer is not important. I can say this. If she is passionate about writing on a television show whether it's hers or not, I'd suggest the following. Write her idea as a script and keep on writing scripts some of which should be sample episodes of shows already on the air (like the Shield for example). She will need writing samples in order to get hired and get an agent. Second. Move to either LA, NYC or, and I am serious, Canada. A lot of US production happens in Canada (which sucks 'cause it takes American union jobs away but that another thing) and as requirement for filming there a certain amount of Canadian writers MUST be hired. The talent pool is much smaller and thus its easier to score a job with less talent needed. Bottom line is it is very hard to get hired in television if you don't at least live in one of the above mentioned areas. You have to go where the action is. The advice I give to all aspiring writers is, write. This woman sounds prolific already so she should keep on going. Maybe set up a website and put them up and get some traffic. In anything one does, buzz is key and if she has to stay where she is for now, the internet is better than nothing. I say go for it any way you can working with what ya got.

On a separate note for all those reading, I am OBSESSED with trying to come up with a reality show that involves guns. I wish I could figure out how to do Iron Chef with guns lol. Well maybe not that BUT, any ideas, LETS HEAR THEM!!!! If it's good I'll get it made.

12-29-2004, 11:09
I would like to explore using my book as the basis for a tv show ala HGTV programs, etc.

As my book states "Craig blows the lid off the Real Estate Lending Industry!"

It TRULY is one of a kind...and accurate!

Do you have any advice?

Thanks, Craig

01-18-2005, 00:25
You want an audience? A reallity show that will sell? PM me. I have a stunning idea. And, it involves a major market (LA).

01-19-2005, 20:14
I heard this very comment just today or yeterday on the radio: People don't want to write, they want to have written.

Come on...in a way, that's true of every single writer I know, myself included.

Writing is hard work, and every writer I have ever known will go to great lengths to avoid being in the same room with their computer/typewriter/word processor. We're all very skilled at making excuses that will keep us from facing the empty page.

Yes, the end results are rewarding. Sometimes, I read through a paragraph I have just written and think, "That's some awesome stuff." However, I'd just as soon be done with the project about ten minutes after I start it. The only reason why we do sit down and apply ass to chair is because it has to come out of our heads, and nobody else will get it out for us.

If it was easy or pleasurable, everybody and their dog would do it, and nobody would want to pay us.

01-19-2005, 20:55
#wav lendringser

I was wondering when you would find us here :)

02-11-2005, 19:41
I have always written just for my own pleasure. It's about the best therapy I know. And it's free! ;f But over the years my friends and family have all encouraged me and literally hounded me to try and get published.

I'm retired now and I took a real drubbing in the stock market after 9/11. Frankly I could use the bucks. I have one 350 page novel complete and I'm off to a good start on a second book.

The problem I'm having is getting hooked up with an agent/publisher. It seems that unless you are a Steven King or Elmore Leanord publishers won't deal with you directly. So now I'm chasing my tail trying to find an agent.

BTW, Miss Maggie, I hear ya about spending your time writing. I feel the same. But don't take no for an answer. If I ever get a foot in the door, I'm gonna hound 'em until some one will publish my book! Even if it's just to shut me up.

But seriously, I know of several writers that had to endure a few rejections before they finally made a connection. Anyway, good luck.

02-14-2005, 15:37
Authoring fiction has never been appealing to me. I like to write about my opinions, on issues which I feel strongly about. Be it issues on the environment, and industrial reform, to capitolism and the externalities of it. I like to write about fact. I enjoy reading, and learning from "how-to" materials and technical manuals, anything informative. I love to learn, and I like to share what I know. That is a simple, accurate appraisal of it!

OH! I acquired my first handgun sunday afternoon! It is a Ruger SP101 .357 magnum with a 2" barrel! This is only the second firearm I have ever owned, and I am sure there will be many more to come!

03-07-2005, 11:06
i guess you could say i make a living being a marine and just get to write on the side :cool: but in all actuality i spent a few years writing and shooting (photos that is) day in, day out. i spent a few more years editing both copy/photos and layout/design and continually write on my own.