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08-24-2004, 19:08
...then you HAVE to try Greg Keyes "The Briar King".

Yeah, I know he wrote a bunch of Star Wars novels (which I have never read), but he has DEFINITELY gotten the adult fantasy down! (no, that THAT kind of fantasy, you perv...). Like Martin, the focus is not just on the "struggle versus the big bad", but also on the characters and the greater geopolitical arena. He, like Martin and Tolkein, has created a world on one hand similar to ours, yet very different, with its own history, and more importantly, a FEELING of history. He narrates from fewer POVs, which helps you remember all the plotlines, and so far, all have been "good guys", though some are well into the grey zone. There are more "fantasy" elements than Martin, but no happy elves, stoic dwarves, or nashing orcs. Keyes is apparently a fencing hobbyist, so there are plenty of interesting fights, most of which are over quickly, rather than the endless "hollywood" swordfights of lesser fiction.

So, if you are waiting, like me, for the next Martin book to come out, try Keyes!

08-25-2004, 20:39
Thanks for the tip! I've been waiting on A Feast For Crows for abnout a year now. I got hooked on Martin waiting on Jordan's next book (kinda upset w/ him at the moment) and now amd looking for something to hold me till AFFC comes out.

HHave you read The Hedge Knight by Martin? iT's in a book called Legewnds along with a Jordan short story. A great read.

Sorry bout typos, blame heinekne. ;f

08-26-2004, 12:23
That dude Martin is really pissing me off!!! I can't wait much longer for The Feast For Crow!!! Argh##@$%^^

Yeah, that feels much better now.