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08-25-2004, 18:30
I think I royally screwed up. Pc has been giving us problems here lately, and getting steadily worse. So I had the bright idea of running the partition based System Recovery program (its an older HP pavilion) It said non destructive, to reinstall the original software, without erasing user data on the Hard disk. Well like a dummy I did it, :( . Now I can't find anything, everything is gone, the only thing I really care about was all the pictures we had :( . I had to reinstall everything to get back on the internet. Is there some way to get all the pictures back? Or did I just do something really, really, dumb? And in case you havent guessed I'm not a techno whiz, so please be gentle ;Q

08-25-2004, 18:35
usually, a system recovery partition restoration process means your machine is going to be returned to its out of the box state.

in other words, when you brought it home none of your pictures or apps were on there, and now that you ran the recovery, they aren't there anymore.

i'm not sure why it said it was non-destructive. usually those programs warn the user to back up any data first, then run the back up.

08-25-2004, 19:48
You are probably kinda screwed. Don't do anything with the machine as far as saving data. There are programs that will sometimes be able to pull off data after it's been deleted. I would do a search for *.jpg to look on the hard drive for any pictures just to make sure they aren't there. If they are not call these guys and check out your options.

They are a data disaster recovery place and they should be able to pull at least some of them off if not everything. Kinda depends on how much your pictures are worth. I believe if you send them the hard drive they will run some tests and tell you if they can get it and the price. And their policy is no data, no payment so it may not be a bad route. They've recovered some stuff from crazy situations from clients. Good luck!

08-25-2004, 20:53
data recovery services such as this tend to be rather expensive, so that's another thing to keep in mind.

08-25-2004, 22:34
They can indeed, but sometimes for a single ATA drive that still works you are in as good of shape as you can be. I had a buddy do a similar thing and it only ended up being like 50 bucks.