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08-31-2004, 10:54
I signed up yesterday and saw this section. Then when I got home, I knew who I should ask.

Does anyone have suggestions for securing a dog in an outside kennel?

The short version:
I have a 10'x20' x6' high chain link kennel that I keep my German Shepherd and another small dog in while my wife and I are at work. When I got home, they were inside the kennel, but both came running out (I figured we had left it open). Upon further investigation, I discovered that someone had torn the chain link off of the posts in the back and had made quite a gap. Making matters worse, a neighbor's dog that generally antagonizes them while they are locked inside, apparently came inside the kennel through the hole and was killed by my shepherd.

I decided to call the Sherrif's office to see the scene before telling the neighbors. I felt bad about not telling them sooner, but I wanted everyone to know I wasn't at fault or negligent since it happened on my property. My dogs were locked up, theirs were running free.

Everyone who saw the kennel initially assumed the dog had torn the fence off the post, but there were 3 large straps bent open, the chain was pushed into the kennel not out, and the hole goes up about 5'. A dog would only need to make a hole the size of a basketball to get out.

I think I will weld the straps to the poles and the pull rods in the fence this weekend, but, realisticaly, anyone could get in with wire cutters or a bolt cutter for the lock. I'm just lucky the dog didn't want to go.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

08-31-2004, 11:05
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is leaving the dog indoors an option when you are not home?

08-31-2004, 13:08
<I>is leaving the dog indoors an option when you are not home</I>

I could swap him for the lab inside, but they really do best with her in and him out. I would consider leaving them both in, but the little dog goes absolutely bat-stuff nuts if she's left alone.

08-31-2004, 13:18
Like you say anybody with wire cutters can get in so securing them outside is not a real option for you. How about a cheap video camera linked to a vcr in the house, at least then you would know for sure what happened...
How about all three dogs in the house?? put the little guy in a crate and crate him? best thing for them really...