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.264 magnum
09-03-2004, 18:57
I just began to eat things like buffalo sirloin and blended raw tomatoes and broccoli. I also take a multi- bee-pollen, flaxseed, and "green-powder" (damnation is that stuff gross). I eat lots of chicken and eggs/egg whits. I take portein powder at least 1x per day.

Anyway in a week I've lost three pounds. I'd had been stuck at 230 for a long while. Hello 226.7?

Any ideas about vitamins/foods? I used to take lots of C and E.

California Jack
09-03-2004, 19:49
Congrats Mag. I can't help with food. As far as supplements go, I only take multivitamins. I may be adding a magnesium supplement too.

Sorry I'm not much help for this, but I really I just wanted to say good job.

Jack;c ^5 ;Y

09-05-2004, 16:00
Try to cut out caffeine if you can and drink lots of water it helped me loose about 20 pounds. I was 246 and now 226 lbs., I would like to get to 210.

09-07-2004, 18:50
Originally posted by .264 magnum
Any ideas about vitamins/foods?

A good multi-vit is all you really need.

As for food, I posted this list in another thread, but here are some foods that should be a staple in one's diet.....

lean turkey
lean beef
cottage cheese
skim milk

brown rice
kidney beans
wheat bread
bran cereals
fibrous veggies

peanut butter
flax oil
fish oil

Also, are you exercising? I'm sure you know this, but exercise and diet are the key to a successful weightloss regimen.

Matt VDW
09-07-2004, 22:03
"Green powder"?!?

I have some on my reloading bench but I'm sure as heck not going to eat any. :)

09-08-2004, 00:10
For supplements, many multi-vitamins are of poor quality. Much better to get your nutrients through your diet.

However, I think you should take Vitamin C and E, Coral Calcium (or something similar), maybe some Kelp tablets, and Cod Liver Oil. Cod Liver Oil is some really great stuff, if you can stand the taste.

And why only eat egg whites? Most of the nutrition is in the yolk. Don't worry about what "doctors" say about saturated fat and all. Just stay away from all processed and refined foods and suger and you'll be good. Keep all your foods as close to the natural form as possible.