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09-11-2004, 07:19
hi bogs, want to build a full size single stack 1911. reading from the posts here, i think i'll settle for the norinco. anybody with experience with this gun? advice, suggestions etc. needed:) as this is my first 1911. imo i think i need to add a beavertail and a round hammer to avoid the bite. btw, what's the usuall price for this gun? marksman is offering a factory enhanced two tone for 17k and so far all the norincos ive seen are blued. any info guys?

09-11-2004, 10:35
I think that is a good price Kabayan but you should set aside some budget for the "FINE TUNING" of the gun and parts upgrade. Be sure that your gunsmith will polish the inside of the slide and breachface not the LUGS in the slide. Because most of NORINCO slide has rough tool marks specially on critical areas. Pag na fine tune ng maayos kabayan yung NORINCO mo para ka na din naka LES BAER 1911.:cool: naks naman;f

09-11-2004, 19:17
thanks for the info, btw, what parts should i change in the gun? i think people here like the norinco because its made from forged steel, so the frame and slide are strong. what about the internal parts? should i use them or change them? also the barrel and bushing? my friends here tells me that the kart barrel is good for the price. want this gun to be reliable and accurate:)

09-12-2004, 02:57
Start with the sear and hammer. If your bushing is really loose, like you can turn it with your pinky finger only, change that as well.

Kung GI kukunin mo, the commander-type hammer can be used only with a wide beavertail. I suggest you start with the factory-dressed model. Pero wag chromed or duo-toned. That way you can still file on the sharp areas of the frame and blend the parts together without having to re-chrome. ;)

09-12-2004, 22:05
yup I agree with MC-O regarding the factory chrome NORINCO 1911 just get the blue one. Because if you did some modification on the chromed parts and scratched it you will pay extra to have it chromed again. They will charged you first for DE-CHROMING(removal of the old chrome) then hardchroming.