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09-15-2004, 12:08
The Engineer had just returned from a week long seminar. His
boss, instead of asking about the details, asked if were sick as
he looked absolutely terrible. "Well..." said the Engineer, "I met
this blonde and turned out she was an engineer-in-training and
wanted me to tutor her. One thing lead to another and we
ended up back in her room having wild gorilla sex all night."

"OK," replied the boss, "that may explain your fatigue, but why
are your eyes so red ?"

"Well..." said the Engineer, "turns out she was married and had
a baby at home. She started crying, and I started thinking
about my own wife and kids, so I cried too."

"I see." chided the boss, "but that seminar ended Friday. How
come you still appear so ragged ?"

"Well..." said the Engineer, "you can't sit there and cry 4-5
times a day for four days and not look like this."