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09-17-2004, 19:56
I am so happy, oh i am so happy...
Mr.C put the kids to bed tonight so i could get out in the backyard before sundown and practice with my brand spanking new compound bow. Which i have because, i admit it, he was right... "if i would just try it once, i'd like it even better than the recurve i thought i wanted"... (I'm posting this admission in this forum because it is unlikely he will find out!).
I have a new hobby, another new and expensive interest, this bow hunting thing... all the fun of shooting WITH NONE OF THE NOISE!!! How great is that? I'm just thrilled because twice tonight at 18 yds i managed to smack three arrows into the target touching each other. I don't triple tap my GLock that well at 18 yds...
How much fun can i have filling the freezer this year?

09-20-2004, 21:52
Congrats! I wish I could hit the broad side of a barn with bow & arrow...I shoot firearms well, but never managed archery. I'm always bruising the crap out of my arm from the bowstring, from upper arm to wrist! Those skimpy wrist protectors are just too small!

09-21-2004, 14:26
This is probably a terrible thing to admit on Glcktalk, but the bow is more fun than my hunting rifle (and slug gun which i pretty much hate), a lot less painful than either, and i'm a better shot with it, allowing for the distances that each is intended to shoot. Why is this?
Mrs. C

09-22-2004, 16:06
Mrs C, why is your hunting rifle painful? What caliber & make/model is it? What are you hunting with it? Do you have a medical issue that causes pain when you shoot? I'm asking in order to understand why you have pain shooting. It might be something simple to fix...


09-23-2004, 13:11
I'm still looking for the perfect AFFORDABLE hunting rifle...
Right now i am using an old Winchester Featherweight .308 for deer and elk. I started using it 3 years ago when i was pregnant, because i didn't feel up to carrying any MORE weight 10 miles/day at altitude. I'm still using it because i had some handguns (oh for that Thompson!) higher on my wish list than a new rifle, and it is the most comfortable of my options.

Anyway, it's fine for hunting (not like i'm going to get more than a couple shots a day), but the two days following off-hand practice with it aren't so fun. I never have a problem benchrested.

I've tried various other makes/models/cals. Mostly, the stocks are too long. And I usually need a cheekpiece (esp with the shotgun!). I tried a perfectly sized/fitted/accessorized, perfectly comfortable rifle for me 7 years ago... it just cost about $10,000... back then.

No real medical issues now, just that i'm 5'4", 125#, with the typical female long neck. Any suggestions for guns to look at are always welcome ;-) Prices under $1000 are preferred.


09-24-2004, 09:00
Mrs. Cicero, the main thing I have found that helps acheive comfort in any rifle/shotgun is to make sure that the stock fits you.

I'm 5'3", and I end up taking at least two inches off of every rifle stock that I own. It is very important to be able to shoulder the gun, not rest it someplace near your upper arm.

You need to be able to bring the rifle up to the solid area above your breast, where a strap on recoil pad would go, or the padded area of a hunting vest or jacket is. Many women shoulder their guns out to the side, towards their arm. You need to have that rifle butt in tight to your body, so your body is absorbing the recoil solidly. If it is out towards your upper arm, on a part of your body that bends, it is going to hurt more.

I personally believe that alot of women simply don't have rifles that fit them, especuially women of smaller stature. If I am buying a new gun, I will try for the ladies or youth model.

Also, don't be afraid to try a strap on recoil pad, like a Past, and combine it with a lace on pad on the rifle. Women do not have the musculature on their chests that men do, and the area where you are putting that rifle butt is pretty devoid of any natural padding.

You are not being a wimp. If it hurts too much, you are not going to want to practice, and that's bad.

One last thought, Remington is putting out some reduced recoil loads, that I have seen a good review on. Unfortunately, in my area, they have not been able to get the shotgun loads for me. (sigh)

alfred guard
09-24-2004, 19:13

09-25-2004, 09:20
Thanks for all the ideas everybody. Since I share most of the hunting rifles with Mr.Cicero (except the Winchester 70), it may take some effort to convince him to shorten the stocks (they fit HIM fine). Perhaps I'll use the argument just to acquire a few more guns of my own ;)
I have a Remington 700, in .270, and it's my second favorite hunting rifle when walking (weight) and my favorite in the treestand (more accurate than the Feather when i rest it on something). Dan likes it too much to hack off the stock, tho'.
He's not all bad. He did put a shorter stock on the AR for me. ;f