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09-19-2004, 18:59

1) For hunting use in hilly terrain, which would be better?

2) Would a high-wattage GMRS radio work better than a CB in hilly terrain?

3) For line of sight, what would be better, GMRS or CB?

I know that FRS/GMRS is mainly line of sight, but I really don't know much about CB characteristics. Any goods sites comparing GMRS/FRS and CB?


09-19-2004, 22:01
Just my .02 but I don't know a whole lot about GMRS/FRS... But CB would prolly be better because FRS and i believe GMRS are in the 400mHz (UHF) band. And they are more easily obstructed than CB. But I may be wrong, Someone with more knowledge will be along shortly :)

09-19-2004, 23:44
About the only thing that I have really found, is that both operate best in LOS (Line of Sight). Maybe I'll just have to do some trial and error and which works best.

10-11-2004, 19:41
Ok lets see if I can answer this:

could not find the power levels for CB. However I recall it being in the 3-4 watts range?
Its communcations range is from 1 to 5 miles.

lets start with GMRS-
"GMRS radios generally transmit at higher power levels (1 to 5 watts is typical) and may have detachable antennas. The current fee for a new GMRS license is $80." Just like CB it will be use full up to 4-5 miles MAX. These will mostly be Hand held

Now FRS-
"Family Radio Service (FRS) is one of the Citizens Band Radio Services. It is used by family, friends and associates to communicate within a neighborhood and while on group outings and has a communications range of less than one mile."
"FRS radios have a maximum power of watt (500 milliwatt) effective radiated power and integral (non-detachable) antennas."
I have seen nothing but hand held FRS radios.

Amature Radio-
You can find anything from 1/2 watt (500 milliwatt), to 5 or 6 watt hand helds, all the way up to 100w mobiles.

Now all of these distances are Line of site. I think they measure them at the salt flats or something. lol So needless to say YMMV!

Now since you will be hunting you will more than likely want a hand held, lets get to the price.

FRS/GMRS hand helds- a set can run from $30 to $100.
CB- a Mobile will cost from $40- 200.
Amature- look to spend about a $100 for a decient(sp) one. Pluss you will need a licence about $30 each plus a study book about $30.

If you can borrow a set of FRS radios, DO IT, just to give them a try. However you are in the Amature radio forum, so here is my other .02, If you not only want to be able to talk, but to make friends and have an alternate means of communication when the cell phone is not working, go for the amature radio license. You would be suprised where you find repeters set up, and then your range goes from about 4 miles to about a 20 mile radius. Once you have it you have it for life. Just don't forget to renew every 10 Years.

Hope this helps, sorry its so long.