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Bill Powell
09-23-2004, 13:46
Jim's doctor tells him he has only one day to live. When Jim goes home to share the bad news with his wife, she asks him what he wants to do with the little time he has left.

"All I want," Jim tells his beloved wife, " is to spend my last few hours re-living our honeymoon.

Which is exactly what they did. But after four hours of blissful romance, she announces she's tired and wants to sleep.

"Oh come on<" Jim whispers in her ear.

"Look." his wife snaps, " I have to get up in the morning. You don't."

09-23-2004, 17:07
ROTFLMAO;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z

09-24-2004, 06:30
Ouch lol ;z