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09-25-2004, 05:49
Hello friends. I have some idea (it's only idea for now). Maybe you know that I'm in the process (on the very early stage) of the relocation to the USA. I want to write some kind of diary (in Polish - I'm still not good with English) about our move. First why we want to make a move, second why to the USA, and third US reality vs our imagination and our process of acclimatization up to the moment when we will become US citizens. I never thought about writing, so I want to ask you for some advices. I heard that best idea for such form will be some kind of monologue (similar tot the situation when you want to tell some story to your good friend). What do you think? Sorry, maybe it's stupid post, but I don't know anyone who like writing, so it's the reason why I'm disturbing you. Thank you in advance. Adam

09-25-2004, 08:09
Hiya Adam! :)

If I were writing a diary like that, I would write it in my dairy-writing style. If you talk to your diary like an old friend, then do it like that. If you start out "Dear Diary..." that is fine too.

Don't be too worried at this point about your style. I think if you get too wrapped up in it, to the point that it becomes a chore, you will never finish it. Get it down on paper (or disc) then edit it to read the way you want it.

Also, always keep an extra back-up copy of the disc in a safe place while you are working. Update periodically. You can do it daily, weekly, etc. Just don't wait so long between updates that you can't remember what you added last. Don't make your back up and just lay it down next to the computer because if you were to have a fire that destroyed the computer, the disc would be gone too.

Any ideas on when you might be coming? You have lots of friends waiting to meet you :)

Miss Maggie
09-25-2004, 08:53
It's a wonderful idea to start a journal detailing your thoughts and feelings concerning your move. Since you say you've never been interested in writing, I would assume you've never written a journal. Just put your thoughts down on paper (or computer) like you would say the words in talking to a good friend. Don't worry about style, grammar, or other formalities that might hinder your thoughts from flowing freely. If such writing seems awkward at first, don't give up. You'll soon get over that and have the freedom to write it as you see and feel it. Miss Kitty's right. If you want to make changes later you can. I would suggest that instead of doing that, to keep the diary itself in it's original form, and then if you want to pull stories from it later on you could do that and rewrite them. What a story you have the opportunity to pass down to those who come after you!

Concerning making changes in your original: I've found out that usually if I do change a writing and then I need to to go back to an earlier form, the earlier form is the one that has the most feeling, so don't change and loose that! Have a great trip. Miss Maggie

09-25-2004, 12:49
Thank you for advices - I will do what you said. I never wrote in the past, but I belive it can be interesting reading for my kids and grandkids on some stage and few of my friends too. Thanks to help from Patricia (Sidearmor) and her husband I'm in process (on very early stage) of applying for green card. It can take even 2-3 years, but our chances are good. Thanks. Adam