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09-27-2004, 14:44
Good and great books about the Second World War.

To Hell and Back, THE classic American war memoir.

Stalingrad, "the world will hold it's breath."

The Fall of Berlin, a snapshot of the final resting place of the Third Reich.

The Forgotten Soldier, the most physically punishing book I've ever read. But some debate its autheinticity.

Band of Brothers, for its portrayl of an elite American fighting force.

And finally.....

The Merck Manual of Geriatrics.

For taking care of the veterans.


10-16-2004, 15:11
For some interesting stories from the German side of the war, you might want to try Panzer Aces or Infantry Aces by Franz Kurowski. After seeing so much from the American side, it really is fascinating it see it from that perspective. They also cover quite a bit of the combat experiences on the Russian front.

10-19-2004, 06:26
The Story of World War II by Donald Miller-- covers everything; plus fascinating eyewitnesses' accounts on the horrors of war. A history book that doesn't deal exclusively on facts but on human side of the events.

10-19-2004, 07:04
Panzer Commander. Can't remember his name (I'll go look it up) but he fought in every theater of the war as a lieutenant/captain/major so he saw frontline combat but also saw what went on in headquarters, etc. Poland, France, Russia, Africa all covered. He met Hitler or was in the bunker like a week before the fall of Berlin, and went off to Russia as a prisoner and actually came back (surprisingly!).

Stephen Ambrose persuaded the author to write his story, and I'm glad he did. Interesting view of the German Army from the officer's point of view.

10-19-2004, 23:23
Panzer Commander is Col. Hans Von Luck (I think)

Tigers In The Mud by Otto Carius (Knights Cross)is interesting also if your into German armor. Gives you a more "human" perspective.

10-21-2004, 14:42
Good Bye Darkness - William Manchester

Great overview of the Marines who fought in the Pacific, and personal memories of Manchester experiance as a Marine.

10-23-2004, 08:04
Any of the books by Ernie Pyle.

10-24-2004, 19:41
I've read alot of books about WW II, so that makes it tough. I'd say some of my favorites are, "The Ragged, Rugged Warriors", "Samuri" and "Black Thursday" by Martin Caidin, "The Fall of Berlin, April 1945" was excellent, "The Final Battle" by Cornelius Ryan, and I have to agree with cowgunner, "Goodbye Darkness" was outstanding.

One book I've had since I was kid, and have read several times is "Strong Men Armed" by Robert Leckie, who also wrote "Helmet for My Pillow", he's an ex marine WW II combat vet who writes about the USMC and the Pacific campaign.

I have an obscure one called "The Theory and Practice of Hell", by a concentration camp survivor, that was so tough to read I didn't finish it, but plan to in memory of all those folks that went through hell in the camps.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll have to look some of them up and give them a read.

10-25-2004, 17:19
"Ghost Soldiers" is good.

"Up Front", by Bill Mauldin, is a fast read that pays tribute to the GIs through his observations and experiences with them.