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10-03-2004, 00:43

My girlfriend (24yo) is in the process of starting to conceal carry. Her gun of choice is a G19. The problem that we are running into is that most young womens fashions include tight tops which makes IWB carry challanging at best. Are there any women out there who successfully cary IWB and remain reasonably fashionable? If so how do you go about it? Any suggestions you can give us would be greatly appreciated.


10-04-2004, 12:38
When I wear tight tops, I tend to carry on my ankle. Most women's jeans have loose enough fitting legs that this works well, though a G19 is kinda large for an ankle gun. I usually carry my G26. I also have a Sig P239 that I carry IWB sometimes, depending on what I'm wearing, in a Comp-Tac. This works well for shorter shirts or sweaters, but still need to be loose enough to prevent printing. I have found that I'm not that crazy about IWB, unfortunately my hipbones have a tendency to try to push the holster up out of my pants. My last resort is a purse that was designed to conceal a gun, but I prefer to have the gun on my person. Experiment, find what works best for you. Sometimes you may have to choose whether you want to look trendy or you want to be able to carry. There are many options out there.

10-05-2004, 14:13
I was visiting GlockTalk today to report on my first afternoon with my SmartCarry. This is something your friend should check out. It is not quick draw, but I can't even imagine using an IWB as far as comfort is concerned. This is a very comfortable and very concealable holster. I have bent over and lifted stuff, I have driven, and I have been sitting. Pretty good report on comfort, so far.

Check it out and take a peek at my other thread just for suggestions

10-12-2004, 13:51
I used IWB this past weekend for three straight days in Foley AL.

I did have to go up one size in jeans. I also carry the G-19.

With winter approaching, I don't think your friend will have as many issues. It's easier to hide with a jacket on over a shirt (tight or not) or while wearing a sweater. At least that's what I found to be true.