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10-06-2004, 01:53
Several people have told I should write a book about my incredibly bizarre life.

I survived severe child abuse, ran away from home. Travelled to 22 countries on 4 continents. Surived two recent murder attempts. Have had some bizarre related legal experiences. Almost ended up in prison in communist China soon after Tianemen Square. Etc. etc.

I wouldn't mid wrtiing my memoirs one day for my own sake, but profit is a better motive that is more likely to get attention sooner.


10-06-2004, 19:02
Could you sell it? I would be inclined to say yes. There is certainly enough material of intrest there. I would encourage you to write it regardless of whether or not you think you could sell it. If it sells you get money. If it doesn't, it will probably still be of great worth to you and any children you have or may someday have. My grandparents left behind several journals, I doubt they ever get printed, but they are worth a great deal to me. Why not write it?

Best of luck,

10-15-2004, 23:09
i would buy it. sounds interesting.


10-25-2004, 07:15
People think I've had a crazy enough life (not that I've really done THAT much), but you've definitely got me beat. Go for it.

stiletto raggio
11-01-2004, 15:22
People will buy the story, but a publisher has to buy the writing. Make sure you do yourself justice. (Incidentally, this is why famous people ahve co-authors for their auto-bios)

11-01-2004, 17:43
As far as almost ending up in a Chinese prison...the short version is that one of the students that came with us on the trip was an illegal alien of asian origin with completely bogus papers, ID, passport, all fake. This escaped the notice of the US. It did not escape the notice of the Chinese. On our way out they accused us of trying to smuggle out a dissident (like I said this was right after Tianemen Square). In the end, we went home and she got deported to Laos.

Also, in China our rooms were bugged and we were on very tight leashes and had official and unofficial escorts. I also started a romantic relationship with a girl there whose family later fled to Sweden and I ended up marrying her there in Sweden (we are now divorced).


Arc Angel
11-10-2004, 07:15
;Q :) Go ahead! Flesh it out; I'll, even, volunteer to proof it for you. I’m one of the most literate S.O.B.’s The Good Lord, ever, put on the face of this Earth. My problem is that I’m much too spiritually inclined – especially for life in the twentieth century. I've tried to publish in the past. My own experience has been one of initial shock followed by an acquired cynical resignation. The literary community is a tightly run cesspool of socio-political crap; and (I have to believe.) deliberate or, at least contrived, intellectual misdirection. Modern publishing is frequently, even predominantly, characterized by overt pandering to popular sentiments as well as the most base instincts and vile emotions. Let’s face it – In today’s world, trash sells!

While I did have several editors compliment my writing efforts; most of them approached me with an obvious sense of awe and confusion. Others were frank and replied with comments like; ‘It’s good work.’ ‘You, obviously, know what you’re doing.’ … ‘well written’, … ‘held my interest’, etc., etc. ‘However your approach and viewpoint are unique.’ ‘Too spiritual for most people.’ ‘Frequently abstruse to the point of being difficult to comprehend.’ ‘Not the type of thing we usually publish.’ The rejection list went on, ad nauseum. I got sick of hearing it!

I was stubborn, contacted a lot of publishers, and quickly learned that unless you’re willing to condescend to popular opinions and conventions, then, either publish it yourself, or give it up! Slowly I began to realize that, ‘books’ serve two principal purposes; they are, either, informative or entertaining. Perhaps the best books are both; but, in order to produce income, a book must sate at least one basic popular need. If it ain’t lurid and written in the vernacular - and it’s not quantum physics or popular mechanics – then the publishing community isn’t going to go near it.

Case in point? Look at any of today’s most widely read authors: What subjects produce the greatest amount of income? Here’s my list: Horror, sex, criminal expos, media personalities, flashy diets, investment strategies and confrontational politics. There are a number of secondary literary markets; e.g. sports, hobbies, inspirational, and, ‘how to’. The most predominant of these second markets is what I like to refer to as the, ‘literary junk’ – These books reflect all of the usual: popular sentiments, base emotions, wild adventures, and lurid sexual encounters in which the general reading public is so prone to indulge. The predominant novels, here, make up the: spy, romance, murder, and science fiction fantasies that are, only, too familiar to everyone who’s ever browsed the aisles at any Barnes and Noble.

The fact is that books have to compete with the movies and TV. While everybody, ‘thinks’, 99% of the people actually, ‘think’ only 1% of the time. If you want to make money from book sales, you’ve got to become part of the program and accept certain realities - Like the publisher is always going to make more money than you; and you are going to have to write material that, both, caters to and sates the popular taste for, either, information or entertainment.

In the twentieth century, here on planet Earth, this means that the, ‘big money’ is in: Vampires, secret agents, mass murderers, media sluts, financial schemers, fad diets, politics, and political expos. You may, also, include certain fantasy figures (like ninjas) and space odysseys; but, that’s pretty much it!

As far as I’m concerned, I'd only be interested in communicating with a specific target audience which may, or may not, be financially profitable. Whether you realize it or not every author, ‘communicates’; and, unless I could discover a successful way to write and publish material all by myself, using something like an, ‘e-book’ format, then, I really wouldn’t want to bother attempting to write, again.

This wouldn’t stop me from helping someone else to succeed, though; and, besides, I’m curious to learn about those attempts on your life. What did you do – something stupid like resign under protest from your job at Area 51, or (maybe) sue a major trucking company? :cool:

11-11-2004, 19:11
...and you are going to have to write material that, both, caters to and sates the popular taste for, either, information or entertainment.

Well Duh!! You either give the masses what they hunger or forget it (or simply write for yourself). I don't think any publisher worth his or her salt would accept a manuscript that wouldn't lead to that end.;e

11-11-2004, 19:13
Go for it!^c

Arc Angel
11-11-2004, 20:29
Originally posted by CorBoninthepipe
...and you are going to have to write material that, both, caters to and sates the popular taste for, either, information or entertainment.

Well Duh!! You either give the masses what they hunger or forget it (or simply write for yourself). I don't think any publisher worth his or her salt would accept a manuscript that wouldn't lead to that end. ;e

'Duh!!' Well, if it isn't the proletariat! Pushing for your junior merit badge in literary criticism? I suppose you'd have to, first, want to do something unusual and, perhaps, extraordinary with your life in order to understand exactly what I mean.

Suffice it to say that pigs and eagles seldom see things in exactly the same way. What’s obvious at ground level often looks different from up in the air. You know what they say, though; ‘If pigs had wings, they’d challenge eagles for the sky.’ It’s true! ;)

11-11-2004, 21:32
Your hackle rises easily. Now I am a pig and a dummy because I lack sensitivity to your frustrating station in life. Sorry pal, your not worth arguing with. Stay in academia.

11-16-2004, 15:28
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