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10-06-2004, 18:20
I added a slave drive to get more storage space. How do I go about locking a slave drive from other users and admins? I, as well as 3 others, have admin control and I need to keep the other admins out also.

Any ideas?

XP Pro on a home pc.

10-06-2004, 19:29

10-07-2004, 15:14
An innovative approach is this one:

If the case is lockable and/or Intrusion Detection is enabled (thus notifying you of unauthorized internal access) you can use a keyed switch, much like a riding lawnmower uses, to splice into the slave HDD's Ground wire.

If the others can open the case, they could simply use a different Molex to get it going.

You'd need to turn the keyswitch ON before booting for it to be used, O/C, but if it was switched OFF, no one would even know there was another hard drive installed. Unless they could open the case...

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10-08-2004, 23:51
Removeable disk tray or external box to house your drive.

Physical security is the name of the game.