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10-06-2004, 23:26

The computer had been a PIII 600 with Win 2K pro for several years, then last december I installed a new motherboard with Athlon XP 2200+ and huge CPU fan and a better video card (nVidea MX400 64mb). It was fine till this weekend when It failed to boot up to a dos prompt or Win 2K - just a black screen. It had the normal single startup beep, but it never even got to loading a BIOS.

I pulled the HD drives and tested them in a USB 2.0 box on my laptop and they were fine. I then swapped the motherboard back to the original PIII 600 and it would boot up into DOS, and let me do the BIOS setup, and would even respond to the F8 to let me choose safemode or normal bootup.

However, when booting from the hard drive, I find I am stuck at the "Starting Windows" and the white dotted line is fully filled in from left to right but it never goes to the desktop. I can boot up into Win Setup from a win 2K pro CDROM, and I have run the repair program that checks for file damage and boot sector problems, but it doesn't boot from the HD into Windows.

I even tried removing the new video card and the 54g PCI card, and using the onboard AGP 2x video in the motherboard, and same thing. I noticed when it starts up it querries the two HD's and the two CDROM drives and the green lights on the CD drives go on briefly and then go out, and the BIOS also recognizes the 4 IDE drives just fine (10gb HD is master, 2gb data drive is slave and one CD is master and the DVD/CDRW is slave).

But the floppy disk green light stays on. I tried unplugging the floppy and booting, and even disabled the floppy in the bios, no help. I even disconnected the two CDROM on the secondary IDE as well, so all I had were the 2 HD's and no help.

I also disabled the second serial port and the parallel port in case of IRQ conflict. Win 2k should boot up and recognize the new motherboard and re-install the right drivers, right?

What should I do next, to avoid reformatting and having to re-install win 2k, all my applications and all my drivers from scratch? All my data is on the second HD, except for my outlook data file, scanner data, and I copied them over to another computer since the second HD is full.

10-07-2004, 00:06
Windows is trying to load the drivers for your old motherboard.

Make a set of boot disks (insert windows 2000 CD-ROM, there will be a folder called boot disks or something). Insert disk 1, reboot. Keep inserting disks until it asks what you want to do. Tell it you want to repair a windows installation, and to do an automatic repair. It will detect the new hardware.

10-07-2004, 00:42
I have booted from the win 2k CD

I have run setup

I have told it to repair an install, and tried automatic and manual

Why do I need to boot from floppies? I still need help...

10-07-2004, 01:55
I dunno, I've just always used the floppies :P

When I rebuilt my system with a new mobo and cpu, the automatic repair function worked for me.

10-07-2004, 08:43
Really? I might have learned something new here. I had to reinstall from scratch.


try creating the boot disks. It's not that hard to do, there is a readme file in the bootdisk directory that will show you how to do it.

10-07-2004, 15:03
Seems that whenever I see this done, if the PC starts at all the OS has quirks. Sometimes LOTS of really screwy quirks!

So I always back up all the essential data like game saves, system settings, and addy books/messages, photos, and songs to another HDD.

Then I format and reinstall.

Saves loads of time since, as I said, 90% of the time the differences in devices, architecture and the BIOS interface will create so many incompatibilities in the OS that Windows (or Debian, OS/2, ect.) will need to be wiped and reinstalled later anyhow.

All operating systems rely not only on the Registry to function, but also on the BIOS to set up the hardware layer properly before drivers can function and I/O addresses are assigned correctly. If you mess with that, your CPU cannot communicate properly with the OS OR the hardware... and you will have no end of trouble.

Good luck,


10-07-2004, 15:08
I have had a similar issue upgrading a motherboard with a PCI video card to a motherboard with AGP. Windows 2000 stalls while trying to load the AGP driver. I never did find a reason for it or a solution other than a re-install.

10-08-2004, 00:03
Thanks for the help.

Instead of going directly to repair, I went to install because setup told me the advanced repair could be found there. After telling it to do an install, then it asked if I wanted to repair or start fresh.

Only then did I tell it to repair - this did different things than before by restoring some changed files. The boot process went farther, but then it went into an endless loop rebooting while trying to install some drivers.

After about 30 reboots on it's own, I shut it down, pulled the geforce video card and went back to using the built-in AGP video. I ran setup again, and again told it to do install instead of repair, then let it repair when it offered me that option (advanced repair?).

Then I ran into trouble with the Microsoft 54g PCI card because win 2K didn't recognise it, so I had to start over again, but then told it I was not on a network and it didn't try to install drivers. After about the 5th time, it worked. Then I installed the driver for the 54g from the original CD, and everything looked fine, just the way I left it after it booted up.

Then I plugged in the USB scanner and HP printer, and crashed it again. Unplugged them and rebooted, and reinstalled the software for those, and everything is fine again.

Then I discovered PCcillin antivirus had problems, removed and reinstalled it, and it was still fubar. So, I went back to Norton AV 2003. I have tried MS office and Outlook, quicken, gotomypc, the scanner, and the printer, and all seems okay now.

Took 24 hours, but I didn't have to format and start over... Was it worth it? Not sure yet, as I was up till 2:30am working on this last night...