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Douglas in CT
10-11-2004, 17:11
This may sound simple, but my ignorance is profound. ;)LOL!

How do you set up individual (employee) email addresses linked to a single (company) email address?


Thank you.

10-11-2004, 18:11
Well, there are several possible ways, mostly predicated by the protocols the e-mail server was set up to use originally.

The easiest way would be to just get a virtual domain through the ISP, if that is supported by them; in that case you would be using, and xyzco could monitor its accounts globally.

Alternatives to this are numerous, such as allowing people to use their normal email addy with the being a constant..that isn't quite as nice, but it gets the point across, as well as the company's name, on a Web account that does not have Virtual Domain hosting available for an option.

Hope this helps!


10-11-2004, 18:32
virtual hosting.

For example I have a web/email server by the name of I have my email address On that server I also host one of my friends websites called so I gave him some email addresses like What I use is sendmail virtual hosting. I set up a DNS server that directs mail for and to the same server. My server is set up to accept mail for those two domain names. It costs me something like $8.00 per year to maintain those domain names. It is slightly more complicated than that but that is the general idea. To make things simple lets just say I have two accounts on my server, junkmail and someguy. I have a file called virtusertable, it looks something like this


If you would like more detail just ask. I just had a few drinks so I apologize for the bad sentence structure.