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10-12-2004, 15:09
I getting into firearms training at the Sheriff's Office I work for and would like to videotape myself doing various things and then be able to burn them to a disk for students and also add them to a powerpoint program. Can anybody here get me started I don't even have a video camera yet so I am really just beginning.
Thanks Eric

10-12-2004, 16:22
you need to either get a video card with video in, a video capture device (USB), or if you have a new computer and a new video camera - direct via firewire. The first two options will come with software. the last requires software, but you can grab moviemaker from microsoft and do the job.

You can embed the AVIs, but you will need to ensure that you include any necessary CODECs used in the compression/capture.


10-12-2004, 17:15
Is moviemaker a pretty easy program to use?

10-12-2004, 18:22
MS Moviemaker

Its pretty easy to use and its free. Good for entry level and to see if you want to get into video manipulation. It also will give a chance to see if its something you want to get into without spending any money.

I use Pinnacle Deluxe 9. Costs a little bit but is pretty good.

What camera brand do you have and model?

10-12-2004, 19:19
haven't bought the camera yet. I'm just getting started. My initial plan is to be able to video myself doing somthing like a bill drill el prez. etc and then being able to burn that to a c.d so people can take it home and view it with windows media player or somthing like that. Eventually I'll have my whole advanced class on a dvd playable disc so our reserves can use it anytime as a refresher.