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Texas T
10-12-2004, 18:23
For someone that is just now getting back into the two-wheel world, what would you suggest for some reading material before I actually drop some bucks on a bike?

Primary interest would be a cruiser/sport tourer. My butt's too fat to be straddling some crotch rocket. ;)

Most riding would be single, but there would be some two-up with the wife. No LD trips, mainly just out and about north of Houston.

Rider had just hit the newsstand when I first started riding and it looks like it's still being published so that's one I know I'll spend some time reading.

Other suggestions? I'm off to B&N to peruse the magazine section while I wait for the wife to get off work.


KLS 57
10-12-2004, 21:18
Try American Iron has great info pics.
Good luck on choosing your ride.

10-12-2004, 22:52
I haven't seen Rider magazine in a while (liked it) but currently subscribe to Motorcyclist. It's pretty good and leans towards the sport side (but they do test a broad range of bikes). But like gun magazines you won't see a scathing review of a bike since they don't generally try to upset advertisers.

Cycle World's kind of sucky though they did choose my bike as "World's Best Streetbike" this year.

You might want to have the wife sit on the prospective passenger seat beforehand cause most (except on large tourers) are pathetic. If uncomfortable after a few minutes then imagine a few hours on the road.

And if you haven't been riding bikes for a while (or little 2-up) then I'd get a lot of solo-riding in first. Passengers can really change the handling/braking dynamics of a bike. You don't want to be relearning to ride and dealing with that at the same time.

10-14-2004, 09:23
For what you are leaning towards, I would suggest:

The Friction Zone (free in many outlets)
Motorcycle Consumer News
American Motorcyclist (AMA magazine for members)

Texas T
10-14-2004, 20:03
Originally posted by Eyespy
American Motorcyclist (AMA magazine for members) I joined (again) last week. :)

10-14-2004, 20:13
Considering that you've been out of motorcycling for a while, you also ought to read the following books:

Proficient Motorcycling and More Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. Good refreshers on your riding street smarts.

10-15-2004, 04:38

Texas T
10-17-2004, 16:40
I just ordered a 2 yr sub to Cycle World and a 3 yr sub to Rider for a grand total of $19.99. Ain't eBay great? ;)