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10-12-2004, 22:29
What all do you have to do in order to legally put up a repeater?

Gary STL
10-19-2004, 08:32
First thing is to contact the Repeater Coodinator for your area and see if there are any frequency pairs available. In many areas there are NO 2M frequencies available. 70CM is usually not as bad.

Step two, assuming frequencies are available, is to locate a repeater site. Naturally the higher the better, and rent free is good too.

Step three is to obtain a repeater. Can be bought, built, converted. I've seen repeaters made from two mobile rigs, along with the required electronics. And don't forget the duplexer. They can run several K if obtained new.

Gary, WGOM

10-26-2004, 07:09
I have helped to put up many repeater/link systems here in TX. In general you need a repeater, an antenna, a duplexer, a controller, a power supply, and hard line, and of course a site. The pryor post concerning coordination is also quite correct. Many of our repeaters are built from old Motorola Micor mobile rigs. I am however not the genius that built them. The wildest rig I ever helped with had a 70cm repeater with 3 duplex link radios going in different directions. Some of our users even go full duplex in their mobile using a micor an a moble duplexer. These suckers are a real project and do better with a club to back them up.


Dwight N5WRW