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10-15-2004, 07:55
Ok all,

I've got a computer problem on a new to me Laptop, a Compaq Armada M700, PII 366.

It was working fine yesterday when I attempted to install Windows XP, unfortunately I only got 1/2 through it before the CD drive found a terminal scratch on my CD. The computer kept trying to go back to the CD install but could not get past the scratched CD. I opened the CD drive, removed the CD and attempted to shut the PC down. It kept asking for the XP disk and would not power down with the on/off button.

I eventually got the screen to shut down, (not sure if I put it into hibernation or what I did). I closed the case, put it away and didn't worry about it till last night.

Last night I tried to fire the computer up to finish the XP install, with my original disc. Now the computer won't even attempt to boot, the drive won't chatter, I get nothing on the screen. All I get is the lights for the num lock, the multibay drive light and the caplock keys, thats it. I can't even get into a bios setup or safe mode.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any help? Any suggestions? I'd really rather not use this PC for target practice.

Thanks and Semper Fi

10-15-2004, 08:21
Use a windows 98 boot disk and boot up manually.

Then try loading the XP into the lap top.

First problem is that it is a Compaq...

All else fails, part it out....then shoot it


10-15-2004, 08:51
is the battery charged?

sounds like a hardware problem related to power supply.

10-15-2004, 09:29

Compaq, I know, but I'm a cheap ***h*le!


The battery is dead as a post. I've been running it off of the power supply.


From what I've been able to findout so far it looks like the computer has gone into some sort of reset mode.

Semper Fi

10-15-2004, 12:20
Find someone with a copy of Windows XP and borrow the CD. If you have the 25 digit license key it won't matter. I have a copy of Windows XP that I carry in my CD pack when I make house calls just in case.

Unfortunately you were probably at the point of no return during your install and it probably needed just 3 files before things went terribly wrong.

10-15-2004, 13:47
Dave, remove the battery (yeah, even though it's dead), unplug the power cord, and hold the power button in for 30 seconds. Then plug the power back in and see if it'll try to boot. This trick sometimes pulls them out of limbo.

10-15-2004, 17:01
Right on.

And if it'll boot then, use a boot disk to fdisk the HDD.

And as far as using the other person's XP disk, you just have to make sure it is the same version; an older XP Home code won't work with XP Home SP1, nor will a XP Pro code work on a Home version. And Corporate keys don't work with anything else, either....

Each version uses a letter in the code that the other versions do not, near as I can figure.

Good luck,


PS. Also, if you do blow it away, it is only a Compaq. You'll be doing the world a favor! Better luck next time.