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10-15-2004, 10:02

I'm looking for a low-cost video capture thing that plugs into a USB port. What works well?

10-15-2004, 11:40
Capturing using USB is not recommended. If it's not USB 2.0 then your asking for more than trouble. Does the device you have support firewire? Firewire cards are rather inexpensive. Or, if you have a laptop get a firewire PCMCIA card.

10-15-2004, 14:25
The USB ports I have are USB 2.0

To use FireWire, I would have to add a card. So, would I be better off adding a video capture card? My video camera (Hi8) doesn't have a FireWire port.

Thanks for the input!

10-15-2004, 14:52
If all you have is the video out then I would recommend a capture card over USB.