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Point Blanks
10-17-2004, 16:52
I cannot get my OE6 (oops)email to receive (and probably send)email after reformatting today ;g

I am using XP and have Comcast cable.

I did call a Comcast tech who told me i need to put this info in a certain box but that didn't help me as my email still isn't working.This is what he told me to type in:

Incoming mail:


Pretty sure it was outgoing hence the ?

Could anyone guide me into getting my OE6(oops) working again?? Thanks VERY much.....:)

10-17-2004, 16:54
Why would IE6 check mail?

10-17-2004, 17:00
It needs to going in to your mail handler. If you want XP to see it, control pnl->Mail-> new email account. Looks like pop3.

10-17-2004, 17:01
By "reformating" do you mean a Service Pack 2 install or did you actually reformat the drive and reinstall the OS. If it the former, it might be an issue with the SP2 firewall.

Point Blanks
10-17-2004, 17:29
I actually reformatted

I keep getting a prompt to type my user name then password to acess my Outlet Express account.When i type them in it keeps saying my password is incorrect;g

Anyway i can delete password all-together?? We have a home computer and really dont need a password...

And my user name that it keeps asking me for,i am putting in my email Is this correct and i am just having password issues??


10-17-2004, 23:37

Use either Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird.

Point Blanks
10-18-2004, 03:28

I had smpt. instead of smtp. typed in,sigh....;g

10-18-2004, 13:23
The major problem is that you are using OE for mail.

IE is far too permissive and worse yet, it is installed directly into the heart of Windows.

IE is the Windows file manager, for crying out loud! With it you have (near-)total access to your OS...and so does any malicious code that it happens to invite in. It also LOVES to add those nice little Search Bars without your permission...along with all the included backdoor.installer trojans, worms, and exploits IE is famous for.

That is the main reason that Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird are so useful when run under Windows...they aren't directly incorporated into the OS but instead are modular and removable. Not to mention the fact that they use far better code and tighter permissions....

Ever try to remove a bad case of IE-itis from Windows? It doesn't let you do so; you can remove SP1a for IE or even do a Repair, but removal isn't allowed. In fact, you will crash the system utterly without the use of a cutter proggie like IEradicator.

That's a big part of the reason Bill Gates got sued the first time, you know.

Best regards, and please change your browser over before something bad happens to you!