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10-18-2004, 17:00
Thinking about buying my first pda. I really only need to have a dayplanner function, a photo viewer, and perhaps the ability to view very short mpeg videos.(no longer than 10 secs) I see people talking about viewing the internet on these devices and was curious as to how that works? Do I need to get a device with the built in phone.

Jack Straight
10-18-2004, 17:10
I have a Treo 270. Palm OS, phone, web browswing, text msssaging. Can do email, but I don't use it for this.

The Treo 600 also has a camera.

To browse the internet, you turn on the phone, then bring up the browser, which establishes a GPRS connection. Then you can browse the web. However, sites with frames are a pain. Sites designed for mobiles are much nicer to use.

I find it handy for reading news in the morning.

10-18-2004, 17:22
Thanks for the reply I don't really need it but was curious.