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10-19-2004, 11:10
Hey guys, is this legit? I got a Tech Bargain alert:

The best laptop deals of the year are available TODAY only at Dell.
$750 off $1500 coupon EQUAL $1500 laptops at HALF price!

Visit the site for the details


The TB site gives coupon codes for this deal. The Dell site mentions nothing of it. Does this mean I just place an order with Dell and then use the coupon at check out to get the $750 off?

10-19-2004, 11:29
Dunno about "legal" but it works. I just "built" an Inspiron 8600 and when you get to the "My Cart" page there is a place to enter coupon codes. I cut/pasted it in & it shows a -$750 taking the total price of the notebook to $821

The cart item is listed as:

Dell Home Customers: Save $750 on select Inspiron™ notebook purchases $1500 or more (before tax and shipping)! (affiliate only online offer)

Looks legit to me.

10-19-2004, 11:44
I don't know much about notebooks. That is a sweet deal, right?

10-19-2004, 14:00
Its ok.

By the time you add the faster wireless card and get a CD/RW and upgrade to XP Pro I can buy a similarly equipped IBM ThinkPad.

It's fine if you stick to what they want to get rid of and don't get any extras.

Thanks for the link though.

I priced 3 systems and they weren't a bargin to me.

Then again I am a high level user. ;)

10-19-2004, 15:15

And I just kicked for a Dell reburb last night! Oh well, got a decent deal and what should be a sweet laptop.

Semper Fi

10-19-2004, 18:11
I just purchased a new laptop for $800...works for me...I thought it was a good deal.