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10-19-2004, 16:37
.i am having spome majpor porpoblems with my keybpoaed +.
my spon spoilled cpoke pon it an as ypou can see npot all keys .wpork as they are supopoposed tpo+.
-i am lpopoking fpor a gpopod po/s 2 keybpoard tpo repolace this pone any suggestipons/+.
chris^2 ^2^2^2

10-19-2004, 17:34
I got this keyboard and optical mouse for my parents a few weeks ago. They're pretty happy with them.

However, I don't know if you need a mouse or what your budget is. You can spend anywhere from $5 to well over $100 on a keyboard.

10-19-2004, 20:11
i wound up getting a logitech for now didn't have time to look around much tonight. please feel free to still give pointers as to what keyboards are good and what to stay away from.

clinic :

that is very similar to the one i got except mine has the media buttons and 3 power off keys.


10-19-2004, 22:41
Don't throw the old one away yet. I had a problem with my old keyboard (most likely related to the abuse it went through, having stuff spilled on it, and just being in storage for a while). The space bar wouldn't work and several other keys were giving me problems as well. I decided at one point to open it up because I tend to enjoy that and see if I could fix it. Anyways, when I got it open, I could see the oxidation on the contacts and was able to use an eraser to fix it. Now, my new keyboard is being used for a different computer and I am back to using the original one. So give it a shot and see, maybe you can get it working again.


10-19-2004, 22:59
Come on!

Is this for real?

Go to any office supply store and type on it. Does it feel good?


for a whole princely sum of under $20.00 you can have a new keyboard!

Close this thread please!!!

10-20-2004, 18:47
thanks for the attitude there my mall ninja i don't have time to just hang out at the office supply stores ant test type everything. I have always checked with my GT brothers for advise prior to buying things due to the fact they have a lot of expertise in every area some people might have had the keyboard that types good in the store die two weeks later i don't have time to waste returning things and dealing with idiots (hint hint) if my post bothers you put me on ignore and read them no more.