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10-19-2004, 19:49
Well a few weeks ago me and my wife went to L.A. for a week vacation. I met my college freinds and relatives around the area and that made us decide to MOVE to LA, Van Nuys area to be exact (dont ask us why). Now my question is; What kind of pistol ( Brand or make) is legal in Kalifornia;Q? So that I can dispatch some of them before we move in.

My inventory:
Norinco 1911 in .45cal
springfield 1911 Hi-cap .45cal
Ruger MKII .22cal

Norinco M1A(M14 type)
Springfield M1 garand
OLympic Arms AR15 (converted to 9mm)
AR15 20inches upper (heavy Barrel)

Thanks So.California BOGS

10-19-2004, 20:04
Any AR type rifle is banned, i see you have two.

The high Cap mags are a no no here also. No greater than 10rounds in a mag.

You could sell them here on GT. Not sure what the consequenses are if you get caught bringing them into CA, not worth risking your future gun rights i would imagine.

As for your M1a and M1Garand you will need to ask someone else, i dont know enough about those laws to help you. But again, no high cap mags, 10 rounds max.

Van Nuys is a good centrally located place to live. I live about 1:15 min south of it. Van Nuys gets too hot for me in the summers, the valley in general in quite a bit warmer compared to orange County.


Good we have another voter that will contribute to reversing the gun laws here. Eventually, anyway.

10-19-2004, 20:28
Kabayan, try here:

10-19-2004, 23:58
Aren't you in Texas??? Why move to a socialist state? Ok, I'm not asking. Like what BinLurking said, you might want to check with DOJ. But those ARs are definitely a big no. You can always get a SU-16 here.


10-20-2004, 09:24
Your AR eh hindi pwede. I don't know how your 14 is configured but if it has a bayonet lug or a flash suppressor then it's a nono too. Your pistolas, we have this list of approved handguns in the CA DOJ site. If your gun ain't on that list you have to fill out some paperwork declaring that you are bringing in your guns, pay a fee then you should be good to go. Welcome to state sanctioned extortion.

And Welcome to California, I'm sorry.

10-20-2004, 16:36
I thought you are from Temecula or Murrieta area? You may keep your hicaps but you cannot sell, loan or give to anyone while you are in Kalifornia.

10-20-2004, 16:37
Hey Paltik45 look me up. I will PM you now...

10-20-2004, 20:31
Thanks for the replies kabayan and for the moral support;f . Well to give you guys an idea why we want to move there. First we think it is convenient for us to live there and it is very accessible to every thing (pinoy foods, family and freinds). I am currently working in the "boonies" of Missouri. The nearest walmart and moviehouse was about 20miles;g The nearest civilised cities are Springfield(85miles) to the southwest and Kansas city(125Mi.) to the northest. It is realy hard to drive several mile just to get bigas and patis :soap: plus this town is not "colored" freindly town( you know what I mean);e I spent most of my time in Manila when I was in the Philippines and my wife was from Sucat, Paranaque and we both missed the city life......ika nga kabayan.;) Well we are on the proccess of applying for a Kalifornia Physical Therapy license and the person we talked to told us that it may take a minimum of 8 months to get things straighten out.;g So Kalifornia BOGS hope to see you soon Sir's and Madam;f ;a

11-06-2004, 05:17
target range is in van nuys! u wont be bored, walking distance.. hehe