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10-20-2004, 15:20
My Canon i860 printer uses 5 ink catridges.

2 are black inks.

3 are color inks.

I don't want to keep replacing the color ink.

Does any one know how to get the printer to print in BLACK ink only?

I mainly print pages off the net, not actual pictures.

Anybody that has an i860, let me know, cause I have some other specific questions.

10-20-2004, 15:23

10-20-2004, 17:16
Open Printers in the Control Panel, then select your default printer with a Right Click.

Under Printing Preferences> Paper/Quality (tab), at the bottom under Print Quality (should be set to Draft or Normal to keep ink usage down), there is a switch for Print in Black And White Only. Click it and you are golden.


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10-20-2004, 18:37

I found the Print Quality buttons.

I still can't find the Black & white option.

Do I need to play with the profile tab?