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10-21-2004, 05:50

Does anyone else here shoot lefty? I do but I have a lot of trouble with the magazine catch. My hands just aren't strong enough for my left hand finger to push the release.

At a GSSF match last weekend, I had to switch hands to press the magazine release. That was awkward and embarrassing but, at least at a GSSF match it doesn't lower your score or get you killed.

Are there other women with this problem? How did you solve it?



10-21-2004, 06:44
Can you have the mag release button switched over for Lefty use?
How about having some work done to reduce the pressure required to release it? Lastly, what about some grip strength exercises for you--that might help some too.

10-21-2004, 13:43
Your baby is so beautiful!

Boy or girl? How old is she or he now?


10-21-2004, 13:52
I shoot lefty too. I also have to switch hands to get to the mag release. I don't think you can change the mag release, but it would be nice.

Much like alot of other things in life us Lefties just have to adapt and overcome.:)

10-21-2004, 21:22
Originally posted by NorthernDancer
Your baby is so beautiful!

Boy or girl? How old is she or he now?

Jennifer Thanks! She was born July 5th this year. She joins her older sister & brother. All are under 3yrs old...;g

Attachment is from July.

10-22-2004, 08:38
They're all cute! Looks like you daughter is a strong independent woman!

I had 3 under 4 at one point. My son is now 8 1/2 and my twin girls are 4 1/2.

They're adorable and I love them tremendously but three especially can be a handful!


Melissa Ann
10-22-2004, 09:11
I'll ask my bf about the possibility of ambi mag releases....

re: kids. They're all beautiful. My sister has 6, the oldest is 10 the youngest just turned 1. Talk about busy.... ;g I'm going to CA for a bunch of meetings next week. Flying out tomorrow so I can spend a couple days with her and the family. I volunteered to babysit one night so she and her hubby can go on a date night. Ought to be lots of fun. They're good kids, just have tons more energy than me. ;)

Have a great week!
Melissa :)