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10-22-2004, 21:17
hi guys, i was checking the armscor website and saw pictures of the company's new pistol. It looks like a cz. Did they manufacture it? Is it available locally? Magkano kaya ang mga ito? any info will be appreciated. Thanks!

- Kerwin

10-22-2004, 21:29
Those pistols look very much like Tanfoglios. As you know, Armscor imports Tanfoglios knocked-down and assembles them here in the Philippines. Maybe for the AP/APP series, Armscor no longer uses the name "Tanfoglio".

I bought a Tanfoglio from them 3 years ago. I subsequently sold it - simply because I wanted a Glock. The guy who bought the Tanfoglio from me still lets me shoot it. I like it.

The price used to be in the P21,000-P25,000 range. For that price, I'd say it's a good gun. I'd suggest the all-steel.

10-22-2004, 21:44
Thank you sir! I wonder if they have the all steel pistol available sa local gunstore. I really would like to see this one.

10-22-2004, 23:03
My Tanfoglio 9mm looks exactly like the Armscor "AP 9" (the full-size 9mm. where both slide and frame are steel). I think it is exactly the same.

If you would like to shoot it at Northstar in Makati, or just inspect it, PM me. I have it in my office.

I like this gun. I might eventually buy another one. In retrospect, it is more appropriate for me than the Glock I bought (and subsequently sold). The all-steel Tanfoglio is almost twice as heavy as the (polymer frame) Glock, and I personally like heavy guns as they are easier on my arthritic finger joints.

The Tanfoglio is kind of like a clone of the CZ-75/85, at roughly half the price. Tanfoglio parts are used for most of the CZ-type pistols in the world (the Jericho, the Springfield P9, etc.). In the U.S.,the Tanfoglio is called a "Witness", and is imported by EAA.

10-23-2004, 01:02
Thank you for clearing it up for me, the witness was the first CZ clone that i ever tried, i like the way it handles, better than the NZ pistol.

I hope may tatak armscor ang mga pistols na ito. Most of my firearms are "made in the Philippines", I have an Armscor 1911, a SAM 1911, an Elisco, a Squires Bingham .38, an armscor shotgun... Buti nalang may .380 na Star to break the monotony. ;f

10-23-2004, 03:23
tanfoglio nga sir looks like a force and witness model
check this site

and Armscorp phils is the sole dealer of Tanfoglio in the Philippines