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10-25-2004, 15:06
I never really liked too much metal until my birthday in 1999. My friend purchased me the WCW Mayhem CD, and one of the songs on it was a live version of Metallica's classic "Seek and Destroy".

I was hooked. I heard this wonderful song on the radio of Metallica playing with a Symphony Orchestra... I bougth that album after I heard they were mostly songs from their older albums.

I picked the songs off that CD that I liked (mainly Sad but True, Enter Sandman, and Nothing Else Matters) and I found the CD they were on and bought it.

I thought that it was the best CD in the world. Soon after I listend too it for the eight millionth time, I got Ride the Lightning. I was blown away, it sounded like a different band. The songs were longer with more change within the songs. I soon bought Puppets, Killem' All, and ...AJFA.

I couldn't belive how much better these albums were than the one I thought oringally was best. I bought Load and thought that except for a couple songs, it didn't hold a candle to any of the first four.

Than I got to reading in on the subject and discovered what happened... they switched producers. Bob Rock.

Load and Reload were kind of bad enough, but I think St Anger took the cake. The songs themselves are not bad (I liked the album). The ideas behind it were what really bugged me. They have so much money, so much recording equpiment, and they TRY to sound like they are a garage band getting together for the first time. They went as far as taking pride in the fact that the album sounded like dog****!

I kind of view it as trying to be something you are not, which actually makes it worse. The same effect as John Kerry parading around as a goose hunter, or getting your pleather jackets and trucking your Harley into Sturgis to walk around and be a badass for a few hours.

In a word, sellout.

I honestly think Bob Rock was the death of a very good thing, the spark that used to be Metallica. I used to defend them against the sellout calls, but I can't any longer. If all of this is bad enough, they have to tour with Slipknot and Limp Bizkit. Thats just the icing on the cake.

Sorry, this was a topic with my friends as I went out to eat and I had to get it out somewhere.

black diesel
10-25-2004, 15:33
I totally agree. St. Anger is absolutely awful. Their recording quality was nothing great until the Black album. You would think an album recorded 12 years later would sound better, not worse. I've pretty much written them off. It was hard to let them go since they'd been my favorite band for 10 years or so.

10-25-2004, 15:55
Bob Rock taught them radio friendly.
Cliff needs to rise from the dead and put a boot in their ass.:)

10-25-2004, 15:55
I don't even think that their best recording tone was the Black Album.

Ride the Lightning has my favorite guitar tone. Black album is good but it doesn't sound as great to my ears.

10-25-2004, 15:56
Originally posted by Berto
Bob Rock taught them radio friendly.
Cliff needs to rise from the dead and put a boot in their ass.:)

That was one thing I missed... I can't see them being the way they are today if Cliff had not died.

10-25-2004, 15:58
AJFA to me was Metallica's pinnacle.THeir palm muted compressed guitar sound and overall musicianship was great and the lyrics had venom.But it's tough...everything up to that was good too.

10-25-2004, 16:00
Even Newstead left because they pussed out.;f

10-25-2004, 16:03
It's just no good Metal anymore after the band members go through rehab...

Load sucked, and St. Anger REALLY sucked..

they had a good run though..

And teenyboppers still pay outrageous prices to see their shows...

10-25-2004, 18:14
And teenyboppers still pay outrageous prices to see their shows...

That's another that torques me.....Metallica used to be all about their fans,not anymore.;Q

10-25-2004, 20:45
I have seen them twice in the last two years... shockingly they play most of thier old stuff at the shows.

black diesel
10-25-2004, 22:20
Yes I think Justice was the best album, musically. Palm muting is used on every song Metallica has ever done except nothing else matters maybe. The sound on Justice is achieved by a more scooped tone and the way the record was mixed. After Justice Lars should have given up his double bass kit, the black album could have been done on a little trap set. He needs to take lessons from Raymond Hererra. I had floor tickets to see them with godsmack.......I sold them on Ebay.

10-26-2004, 09:34
i'm just trying to think what day metallica MIGHT have been good.

10-26-2004, 09:59
Justice is achieved by a more scooped tone and the way the record was mixed

You're right...I should have said that-they scooped the mids.Just about everyone palm mutes to some degree in metal unless they're trying for the wall of sound or punk.I just feel like AJFA was their tightest album,musically.:)

10-29-2004, 16:52
Not to be morbid or anything, but...

AJFA would have been a great swansong album. Don't get me wrong, I liked the Black album. Load & Reload we alright. However, if there had been a plane crash (or another bus incident) afetr AJFA, it would have cemented thier place in history along with such icons as Morrison, Hendrix, SRV, etc.

Better to burn out than to fade away.

10-29-2004, 16:57
Better to burn out than to fade away.

Metallica would have been lucky to just fade away.
Instead they're reminiscent of an '82 Honda Prelude with a mismatched ground effects kit and a big ass spoiler.

10-29-2004, 21:41
They've always sucked, really. Their primary purpose has been to serve as a method of rebellion for youngsters who don't have the balls to turn up Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, etc. Now, they are going from strong sucking to cosmic void. I recently heard one of their newer more recent songs, and I thought it was supposed to be a funny parody of something. I had no idea I was actually listening to Metallica.

10-30-2004, 18:16

^There is a hilarious parody of their entire last album.

10-30-2004, 18:29
My favorite "Metallica" song has to be "Internet Sandman (Enter Napster)".

That's the Weird Al parody.... Lars Ulrich's unfortunate decision to stand up as a spokesman for the nastiest aspirations of the RIAA and the unholy, unconstitutional powers of the DMCA made a mockery of everything Metallica's fans wanted to believe they stood for...and then Lars & Co. just rubbed the fans' noses in it.

In fact, these guys just might be the most-loathed former stars in existence.

So, in honor of their recent contributions to American society....take it away, Al!!

"Make a list,
Little Lars...
Never seen a star
Put his fans behind bars...

Can't you see?!
MP3 means you're stealin from me!
You should've bought a CD!!

I'll keep my T1 open...
I'm stealing your songs right now!

We're in debt
From the internet...
Sue our fans!
We're off to Napster-Napster Land...

Go to court,
Close the site;
Napster's down tonight...
Now the judge says "all right."

Bunch of thieves!
Bunch of liars!
Steal our songs through the wire;
You know we'll put up a fight!!

I'll keep my phone line open...
I'm ripping your songs right now!!!

We're in debt
From the internet...
Screw our fans!!
We're off to Napster-Napster Land...

Now I lay Lars down to sleep,
I pray his copyrights to keep.
If he gets poor before he wakes,
He'll have to sell some fries and shakes!

Hush, little Larrie, don't say a word.
And never mind that noise you heard!
It's just the fans making bootleg tapes -
I hope you choke on your sour grapes!!!"

And yes, St. Anger really, really sucks. I only know one person who bought it, and they have been trying to sell that CD for weeks now.

Last I heard she can't even get $5 for it. ;P ;)

Poetic justice in the finest sense.

"Selloutica: the artists formerly known as Metallica."


FastVFR, Former Metallica Fan.

11-29-2004, 14:59
I saw them on CMT I hope and pray that they dont screw Country music up like Kid Rock did.;Q

11-29-2004, 22:19
Just saw Megadeth a few nights ago...Dave mustaine still rocks out just as hard now, as he did back in the days. He even played the song The four horsemen. I don't think Metallica even still knows how to play that song.I thank god for the day Metallica kicked Mustaine out of the band. Now i just hope Robert Trujillo jumps ship. I can't see Metallica staying around as a band for much longer.

12-04-2004, 00:39
Reminds me of an oldie, but a goodie:

Metallica Sues Band Over Usage Of E, F Chords
Posted By Mindy Turner on 07.16.03

Just when you thought things couldn't get more bizarre.

According to, Metallica are suing independant Canadian rockers Unfaith over what they call "unsanctioned usage of two chords [Metallica] have been using since 1982 : E and F."

"People are going to get on our case again for this, but try to see it from our point of view just once," stated drummer Lars Ulrich. He adds that they're not saying they own the two chords, individually - "that would be ridiculous" - just that in that specific order, people have grown to associate E, F with their music, and their continued usage in the same song causes "confusion, deception and mistake in the minds of the public."

You can read the whole surreal article HERE ( has issued an official statement on the subject HERE (

I'll admit that when I first saw this, for half a second, I believed that Lars really could pull this kinda crap. Even the spoofed sites looked real.